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Donna's notes for this recipe:
So much better than fried!!!
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Spread mix over chicken breasts, bake at 375 45 mins

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user Natalie Loop KitchenLooper - Apr 10, 2013
Donna excited to try this recipe are there other ingredients wondering because of the coma after the pepper
user Donna Barre-Brown itsajoke - Apr 11, 2013
No ingredients missing, I just bumped the key and did not notice till I had posted ..... LOL
user Becky Paplanus YaYaBecky - Apr 30, 2013
This may be a dumb question (I'm not a good cook) but do you put tin foil on the baking sheet? Is there a good way to make sure that the coating stays on and doesn't fall off?
user Joanie Smith GRANNYJOANIE - May 6, 2013
Hi Becky,
The only dumb question is the one Not asked.I think I can help you.Using foil is up to you but I always spray any pan with Pam for less sticking and easy clean up.I can do a recipe over and over the same way and sometimes the coating comes off.I always dry the chicken real well with paper towels before battering but I always make sure it is room temp.I hope that helps some.
user Becky Paplanus YaYaBecky - May 6, 2013
Thank you, that is perfect!!! I hate when the coating comes off the chicken, usually my kids won't touch it then. :)
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question.

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