Frozen Chicken Cubes for Dogs

Kim Biegacki


I have been thinking about how I could better incorporate our dog's powdered D2 vitamins from D is for Dogs in with their dry dog food. Well, I am pleased to say I think I found the answer and from both Tibby's and Paczki's (our Schnoodles) faces I must say they agree.

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15 Min


30 Min




leftover chicken or turkey with meat on the bones
broth from chicken
vitamin d2 mushrooms formula from d is for dogs

Directions Step-By-Step

Take your leftover whole chicken and place in a pan with several cups of water and let it come to a boil and then keep on a medium heat for 1/2 hour or so. Remove from heat and let sit till cool and then remove remaining meat from bones. If necessary, chop up the remaining pieces so that it will fit in ice cube trays. Add a little chicken broth from pan and the rest water. Now add back to a smaller pan and add your powdered vitamin formula according to weight of dogs. Stir until it is dissolved. One ice cube per dog.
One scoop of mixture per ice cube. So, I put 14 scoops.
You are ready to fill the ice trays.
When they are frozen you can remove from freezer and run hot water on the bottom of ice tray to release the cubes. Take one and place in a small sauce pan.
Place the remaining cubes in a freezer bag and back in the freezer.
Melt down the ice cube.
Now pour over your dogs dry food and stir.
Now serve.
Ask them how it tasted and if they liked it and this is the response you will get.
Quote from D Is For Dogs:
“All nutrients, Vitamins and Anti-oxidants within the mushroom are completely heat stable. That is the beauty of Mushrooms! They don't lose any nutritional value with heat. Since the Ergo calciferol (D2) is in the mushroom and not a separate ingredient, the same applies. This has been tested at Medallion labs multiple times with our products.”

Here is their link as well.
Store in plastic bags in freezer.

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