Joyce De Angelis Recipe

Frazz1es Homemade Chicken & More Seasoning

By Joyce De Angelis frazz1es

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Joyce's Story

I was seasoning a chicken one day and realized I ran out of my favorite blend. I decided to make my own and use for so much more than just chicken. I will post for all uses on last ingredient section that I have used it on for you. Thanks so much. Please share and enjoy~~~
Oh btw, I dont buy the pre-made spice that cost me more since I have made it myself and always have it on hand now.


1/4 c
onion powder
1/4 c
garlic powder or granulated garlic
1/4 c
1/8 c
rosemary, dried
1/8 c
seasoning salt (we all have a favorite)
1/4 c
parsley flakes
1/8 c
oregano, dried
clean dry spice container/jar

Directions Step-By-Step

Add all ingredients in a clean plastic jar.
Mix all together by shaking well.
Enjoy and please share.
I use these to season basically everything! I use it on Chicken, Poultry, Perogies,turkey,grilled veggies, homemade snack mixes, as a seasoning to homemade salad dressings, I use on breads, and many other things. I will post some other recipes on here with the additional uses for it which I am sure you will enjoy too.

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Joyce De Angelis frazz1es
Jun 30, 2012
thank you for always sharing my stuff since i am new to posting, i dont know how to post other than where i do.... lol try and keep cool in this heat