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Chicken Pot Pie

By Jen Geelen jenji79

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Jen's Story

In central PA, pot pie is made with noodles not a crust. Pot pie noodles are small thin squares. Its more of a soup. Not your typical chicken pot pie.
I posted a picture of what a pot pie noodle looks like.


chicken thighs (bone-in)
5-6 tsp
chicken bouillon granules
3/4 lb
pot pie noodles (cooked)
3-4 medium
potatoes (cooked and chopped into small chunks)
1 can(s)
corn (optional)
1 medium
onion chopped (optional)

Directions Step-By-Step

In a large stock pot add chicken. Cover with water. Add bouillon granules. The amount you add will depend on the amount of water you add. The water should look yellow. Cook until chicken is done. Remove chicken from pot. Save the stock you just made.
Remove chicken from the bone. Discard bones. Add chicken, pot pie noodles, potatoes, corn, and onion to stock. Simmer for 1 hour.

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    Jen Geelen jenji79 - Apr 23, 2011
    I shared a photo of this recipe.
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  • user
    Cindy Bodnar Sindrah - Apr 23, 2011
    Sounds delicious! Thank you Jen! :)
  • user
    Jen Geelen jenji79 - Apr 24, 2011
    You're welcome!
  • user
    Brenda Garman mscheviuz - Sep 27, 2011
    You are soooooo right! Our (south central PA) potpie is made w/noodles, etc. So Gooood! My mom used to make her potpie noodle squares homeade. She'd roll the dough and cut them out. I used to, but its just too much work when you can buy them and they're just as tasty. I use all your ingredients but also add a little saffron and some minced onions. Also a bay leaf in the broth. Also a little parsley at the end. mmmmm. So glad to see someone else knows what potpie is to us PA Dutch ppl! (smile)
  • user
    Sherry Toomey gravynotsauce - Sep 29, 2011
    Yey!! Someone who knows TRUE pot pie! Thanks Jen! My Grandmother made the noodles homemade and we all loved her "pie"!