Chicken Pot Pie

Jen Geelen Recipe

By Jen Geelen jenji79


In central PA, pot pie is made with noodles not a crust. Pot pie noodles are small thin squares. Its more of a soup. Not your typical chicken pot pie.
I posted a picture of what a pot pie noodle looks like.


chicken thighs (bone-in)
5-6 tsp
chicken bouillon granules
3/4 lb
pot pie noodles (cooked)
3-4 medium
potatoes (cooked and chopped into small chunks)
1 can(s)
corn (optional)
1 medium
onion chopped (optional)

Directions Step-By-Step

In a large stock pot add chicken. Cover with water. Add bouillon granules. The amount you add will depend on the amount of water you add. The water should look yellow. Cook until chicken is done. Remove chicken from pot. Save the stock you just made.
Remove chicken from the bone. Discard bones. Add chicken, pot pie noodles, potatoes, corn, and onion to stock. Simmer for 1 hour.

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Joan Horne nanajh
Jan 13, 2013
The picture? Bratty, isn't it? I guess I was not happy about having my picture taken, a peeve of mine still!
Marcia McCance mmccance
Jan 13, 2013
Thank you Joan. I'm touched... and I think your picture is hilarious!! Blessings!!
Joan Horne nanajh
Jan 12, 2013
Blessings to you as we'll, Marcia. I enjoyed looking at your recipes a while ago. I can see you're a wonderful cook!
Marcia McCance mmccance
Jan 12, 2013
So sweet Joan... Our Moms really made many of our childhood memories... they were simple and every day and so personal... Isn't it amazing that "recipes" can touch us so deeply today. I love the bond that food turns out to be... it reminds us of our roots and home and family. Good smells. Good tastes. Good memories. Placing one bowl of food on the table and sitting down to eat it is like being back home again for a while. It is the only "time machine" that really works!! Your children will most definitely have these same kinds of memories of you! Ask them about the food they like and soon you'll be hearing their memories, too!! Blessings!!
Joan Horne nanajh
Jan 12, 2013
By the way, Marcia, my mom made ham and bean soup with what is known as rivels in PA Dutch land. She would beat an egg, then add enough flour with salt to the egg to make a stiff dough that she would roll in tiny amounts between her fingers and drop in the ham broth, so I guess this is something like your bean soup, too. Her mother was very PA Dutch, accent and all!