Aztec Barbcue Rub, Adobo Azteca Para Barbacoa

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By Juliann Esquivel Juliann

10 Min

This Rub is very typical of what the Aztecs made their meat rubs with. This rub is popular and used allot in Mexico to season meats and is usually done one or two days prior to grilling. I found this rub on a Mexican web site. It is very similar to what my grandmother made, There are many different versions of this rub. I have been using this recipe for many years. It turns out to be a thick paste the meats are rubbed down best to let them marinate for at least 24 to 48 hours. Grill over coals or wood if possible. The taste is outstanding. In Mexico it is called Barbacoa, grilling over coals or live wood embers. It is where the name Bar-b-cue comes from. enjoy

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1/2 c
cumin seeds toasted and ground in a spice grinder
1 c
olive oil
1/2 c
fresh peeled garlic cloves
1/2 c
fresh sour orange or lime juice, no sour orange avail add 1/2 cup orange juice to lime juice
1 large
serrano seeded & membranes removed
1 tsp
chipotle powder or one canned chipotle pepper
1 tsp
coarse salt

Directions Step-By-Step

Heat a frying pan, I prefer a cast iron but you can use a heavy fry pan if cast iron not aval. Add the cumin seeds, can be purchased at any Latino super market. Toast the seeds for one or two minutes. Do not scorch the seeds or the result will be bitter. After heating the fry pan reduce the heat and watch the seeds carefully. When the seeds are fragarent pour into a clean spice grinder and pulverize the seeds.
Next add the powdered seeds to a blender and add the rest of the ingredients grind into a paste.
Rub onto your choice of meat. I use this rub on pork chops, Pork or beef ribs, chicken, skirt steak, steaks, lamb chops and shrimp or fish. Total amount of citrus juice above should be 1 cup. This makes about 2 cups of thick rub. If you like your rub with heat you can add the serrano with the seeds or use one habanero instead of the serrano. Because my grandchildren love the bar-b-cue meats like this I only add one seeded serrano so they can enjoy the meat or chicken. You can double this recipe if making a lot of meat. I plan on making this for the 4th of July, will post my pictue then. Enjoy

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Course/Dish: Chicken, Beef, Pork
Regional Style: Mexican
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NIKKI SMITH adorefood
Jul 2, 2011
Yummo That for sharing and posting it in It all about Pork group...:)
Lynn Socko lynnsocko
Jul 2, 2011
This looks wonderful, thanks for posting
Juliann Esquivel Juliann
Jul 2, 2011
Nikki and Lynn I will be making this rub tomorrow in the morning and slathering on all my meats then I will keep them refrigerated until Monday for the barbcue. Will take pictures and post of the finished product. Thank you for the comments. Happy fourth of July. LOL
Colleen Sowa colleenlucky7
Jul 3, 2011
Thank you for posting this wonderful recipe! I love your comments! Can't wait for the photos!
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