Perfect Prime Rib Everytime (The Best Ever)

Brenda-Lee Barajas Recipe

By Brenda-Lee Barajas Moxie50


I promise you this comes out perfect. MAke sure NO ONE OPENs THE OVEN DOOR.I all so use Other beef roast... Works sooooo good... I remember i was very scared to do it the first time. But I went ahead and did it. OMG.. What a wonderfull way to cook beef....

Blue Ribbon Recipe

Notes from the Test Kitchen:
A perfect entree for your holiday meal or a special occasion. Your guests are guaranteed to feel special when they sit down to this meal.

The key is to make sure that you start with a clean oven when using this high temp. Also the Test Kitchen oven only goes up to 500. So, we baked at that temp for 5 min a pound. I like my prime rib on the rarer side, and it came out perfect!


prime rib roast with or without bone (any size)

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Beef
Main Ingredient: Beef
Regional Style: American
Collection: Festive Feasts

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Victoria Eaves vickyeaves
Mar 8, 2015
I can't believe how well this works! Will always cook my roasts this way from now on!
tami mosdell mckinlee3
Mar 5, 2015
HI Brenda, I bought a 3lb sirloin roast. Do I still do the same time or will it get too done. We like ours medium rare. Thanks so much....
Pamela Edukonis Pamela_Edukonis
Jan 14, 2015
It really works!! The only thing I might add, that initial cooking time of 6 minutes per pound at 550 for medium rare, I actually went a little longer the second time doing it. I like my prime rib really pink and warm. My husband prefers his a little more done than me. So, I did it about 6.5 to 7 minutes per pound at 550 then for those wanting theirs more done, I cut their portion from the outside. And for me, I took my piece directly from the center. YUM YUM YUM!!
Laura ser zzzlaura
Jan 11, 2015
Made the recipe exactly as stated and it was perfect! It was our first time at making a prime rib roast and we will do it again!! Thank you for sharing a truly "easy" recipe! Happy New Year!
Thomas Gallina Shoez
Jan 7, 2015
I do my prime ribs at 450F for 20 min then 275F till electronic gauge reads 135F and let it sit for 20 min. and cut and serve. My oven heats fast so it hit 139F faster than i expected for my serving time 3 hrs. It finished off at med which most of the gang liked it. Some of us like it more med rare. Electronic temp gauge is the best way to go. Probe in the oven and digital read out on counter. Practise makes perfect.Tom