Moms BEST EVER Tatertot Hotdish

Sarah Fillbrandt Recipe

By Sarah Fillbrandt cookingcoward

30 Min
1 Hr

This dish is a quintessential mid-western HOTDISH (I still don't know what a casserole is haha!) This is my mothers recipe - its pure comfort eating. Good, fill ya up, stick to your ribs, and make you happy kind of food. My family would always just go nuts when my mom made this and now my husband and friends do too! You HAVE to try it!

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2 lb
ground beef
seasoning salt
1 pkg
frozen mixed veggies (usually about 1 lbs.)
2 can(s)
cream of chicken or mushroom soup
small splash of milk (optional)
american cheese
1 1/4 pkg
frozen tater tots

Directions Step-By-Step

Preheat oven to 375
You have the option to brown the meat or not... Honestly I think that it is about a horse a piece as far as time goes... so I usually just brown it with a little diced onion and season salt.
** Once browned (or not) place in bottom of 9x13 pan and spread out.
Add layer of mixed veggies straight from the freezer and smooth out over beef.
add cream of chicken (or mushroom if you prefer) over veggies. Do not dilute!
**My trick is to put small dollops all over surface and then spread those out slowly so you don't end up just "mixing" the soup and veggies together. This dish is all about the layers!
My mom adds a splash of milk here over the soup... I don't. I guess its up to you if you want yours thinner... I think that its hard to measure the right amount and not to mention I like mine thick - and that way it will not fall apart as much. Up to you.
Now the cheese! place a full layer of sliced cheese over the whole thing! No cheating and leaving gaps!
** I would NOT recommend substituting American with Cheddar - it gets pretty greasy. Do not substitute sliced with shredded as it does not melt evenly (and its a terrible base for the tots) TRUST ME :)
TOTS. Who doesn't just love tots?! I do not just throw a bunch on top and throw it in the oven.. I line them up next to each other and fill the whole pan. The only downside to doing it this way (if there is one) is that you do use a lot of tots. It seems like I always need a handful more than whats in an averaged sized (Orida) bag so I always keep extra on hand.
Cook uncovered
**Raw beef- 1 hour and check
**Browned beef - 45 minutes and check
You want to see the tots golden brown and the cheese bubbling.
Let this beast cool down! This stuff gets molten hot and as much as you may want to face-dive into this as soon as you pull it out... leave the room for a few minutes. :D
**You really do not need much of a side with this... There are so many veggies in it. If anything maybe a salad. That' about it.

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Beef, Other Main Dishes
Main Ingredient: Beef
Regional Style: American

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Deneece Gursky Smokeygirlxo
Oct 20, 2011
this looks yummy! saved!
Mandy Bidwell mandylovestocook
Oct 20, 2011
I Make this but I use Sharp Cheddar slices! My kids love it!
Patti Jagodzinski Gingersnap57
Jan 23, 2012
Making this tonight!!!!!!!!!!! I love hotdish recipes. Do you have anymore?
Natalie Hill craftybbw
Jun 19, 2012
I cant wait to make this. it sounds absolutely yummy.... the only word I can think of to describe it.... and thats pretty darn good in my book.

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful treat. Will fix the tot casserole and then fix the marshmallow flavor bombs for dessert.... thank you.
Natalie Hill craftybbw
Nov 29, 2012
Mrs. Sarah, I made this tonight and my kids and I enjoyed it. I love it and it has gotten 8 thumbs up... this is great thank you for sharing...
Elizabeth Astor EllaAstor
Aug 4, 2014
I've made this twice. The first time, I forgot to season the hamburger, and it still turned out remarkably tasty.

I also love the directions you give for making the dish -- it's just like someone is there with you, advising you on how to make things easier. Please post more hotdishes ala Minnesota-style! I love one-dish meals. (Casseroles just aren't the same thing as hotdishes!)
Kim Wright Kilmer
Oct 2, 2014
This is the best recipe! I use the Green Giant steamers Green Bean Casserole(2 packs). It is delicous!
Kim Wright Kilmer
Oct 2, 2014
I tried this recipe and say it's Family Tested & Approved!