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Meatloaf Stuffed Peppers

By Jennifer McConnell Shutterbug81

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Jennifer's Story

I was watching food network a few days ago, and saw this meatloaf stuffed pepper recipe on there that looked divine.....They don't just LOOK divine, they ARE divine!! These are just perfect with a side of fully loaded mashed potatoes....Yummy!!!


1 lb
ground beef
italian bread crumbs
1 small
white onion
24 oz
can basil tomatoes
1 large
3 large
peppers (green, red or yellow, or use all 3!)
2 clove
garlic, chopped not minced
salt and pepper to taste
worcestershire sauce (a few splashes)
sharp cheddar cheese cubed

Directions Step-By-Step

Preheat oven to 400 Degrees.
In a large mixing bowl combine ground beef, 1/2 cup of the tomatoes and juice, chopped onion, egg, seasonings, and worcestershire sauce together. Start mixing in bread crumbs. I didn't measure this one, but if I had to guestimate, I'd say I used between 1-2 cups. Start small, and start mixing in until themeat mixture pulls together well.
Core the peppers by cutting through the top of each pepper and removing the seeds and core. Slice each pepper into 3 rings, make sure they're fairly thick (tall) slices.
Heat a tablespoon or so of olive oil in a deep OVEN PROOF skillet over medium-high heat. While oil is heating, start packing the meat mixture into your pepper rings. To do this, take a handful of meat mix, and tightly shape it around a single cube of cheddar, making sure to seal it in very well so the cheese doesn't leak out. Once the cheese is sealed in each meat "bundle", pack the bundles into your peppers TIGHTLY. You almost want to overpack them, as the ground beef will cook down a bit, and start pulling away from the peppers in the skillet.
Carefully place the pepper patties into the skillet, turn your heat down to medium and cook approximately 5 minutes on each side. Once done, pour your remaining tomatoes and basil WITH juice over top of the pepper loaves and let it cook down for another 2-3 minutes with the grease. This is going to make an absolutely awesome sauce.
Turn off your burner and carefully place the entire skillet into the oven for 20-25 minutes, just enough to cook down the sauce a little more, and heat everything through.
Serve topped/garnished with the tomato basil sauce from the pan. Enjoy!!!

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Course/Dish: Beef, Meatloafs

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Jennifer McConnell Shutterbug81
Apr 1, 2013
I tried this recipe and say it's Family Tested & Approved!
Pat Duran kitchenchatter
Jun 15, 2012
Yum I love stuffed peppers- great application.
Christine Arnold ChristineArnold
Jan 13, 2012
Great idea!!
Jennifer McConnell Shutterbug81
Apr 3, 2011
Mitze, Glad you enjoyed it! The firs ttime I made them was right before I posted this recipe, and they have become my new favorite meatloaf recipe!!!