Hamburger Helper (dry mix)

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By Deb Crane songchef


My son goes through a kick where he wants Hamburger Helper. I have a very hard time buying it. It just doesnt seem right to me. So, I did some research and came up with a blend that comes close to the nasty store bought. You can add any spices to suite your liking. I make up these packages and store them in the cabinet then any time you want, just brown the hamburger and make it like the box mix. Saves alot of money too!

pinch tips: Parchment Paper Vs Wax Paper


1 tsp
onion powder
1 tsp
garlic powder
1 tsp
1 tsp
1 Tbsp
1 1/2 c
dry noodles of your choice
1 lb
ground beef
1 c
hot water
2 c
1 c
shredded cheddar cheese

Directions Step-By-Step

The recipe is for one mix so I usually increase all the ingredients to make 4 at a time or however many you want to store.
Mix the dry mix ingredients together. I mix it right in a zipper sandwich bag and then add the noodles. Keep these packets in the cabinet for later use.
When you are ready to make the Hamburger Helper:
Brown one pound of beef and drain. Put it back in the pan and add the hot water and milk. Add your dry mix. Bring to a boil, stirring to blend, and cover and let it simmer for about 12 minutes or until noodles are cooked. Uncover, add your shredded cheese and stir until cheese melts.
The ingredients can be tweaked to your liking. More cheese, more garlic,add pepper what ever you desire.

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Beef, Burgers
Main Ingredient: Pasta
Regional Style: American
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Wendy Rusch snooksk9
Oct 13, 2012
I sooo love this idea!!! I am making some to send with my daughter in college...she will love this! Like you, I hate the boxed stuff you buy at the store. This makes me feel better :o) Thanks Deb!!! :o)
Deb Crane songchef
Oct 13, 2012
Sure thing! :) My son loves this stuff!
Stormy Stewart karlyn255
Oct 13, 2012
Very nice idea Deb. I have had hamburger helper since my kids were small. Will pass it alsong to my kids.
Oct 13, 2012 - Bea L. shared this recipe with discussion groups: CHATTERBOX Recipe Hunter Southern Cooks Unite
Colleen Sowa colleenlucky7
Oct 13, 2012
Deb.... I like the idea... I do mine as gifts in a jar... but this is even cheaper! xo
Jeanne Benavidez jeanneben
Oct 13, 2012
FANTASTIC son always loved hamburger helper when he was growing up (still does). It seemed like such a waste of money for something so simple. I was just never took the time to figure out the recipe. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!
Deb Crane songchef
Oct 14, 2012
I would say enjoy, but you know, this is Hamburger Helper! lol

My next attempt will be the school lunches Mexican pizza called fiestada.
My son LOVES them. I have never had one, but from what I can gather so far, there are many who are trying to make a copy cat recipe.
Stay tuned! :)
Bob Wakeman bluecatfish1
Oct 17, 2012
I'll have to print this and give it to my boys. So easy to make.
Nancy J. Patrykus Finnjin
May 7, 2013
Deb, sweet Debbie......
I have never had or made hamburger helper!
But this recipe interests me!
I am putting together 2 bags of spices his morning!!!
It should make a great quick, simple
economical recipe for pot lucks .
Thank you ...will probably make It next week!
for the bingo gals!
Nancy 5/7/13
Deb Crane songchef
May 7, 2013
Nancy, the Hamburger Helper from the box is a taste that most teens like. :) My son loves it, but I cant see buying the boxed stuff as it is so easy to make. Also, you know all the ingredients when you make it yourself! It is handy to have on hand and Brandon eats it like a snack after school. (growing teen)
You can substitute Velveeta cheese instead of the cheddar ..... or really any cheese you like. And any noodles you prefer as well.
Quicky stove top dish!
Bob Wakeman bluecatfish1
May 7, 2013
Deb, I agree.The hamburger we make our self taste so much better.
Elaine Bovender Elaine55
Oct 18, 2013
My husband LOVES this! When we were newlyweds and I was learning to cook, the cheeseburger macaroni flavor of Hamburger Helper was introduced. He used to love it, but then a few years later I purchased some and made it up for him, it was terrible! They had changed the recipe. It had less sauce and was very, very bland. He really missed the old flavor but this one comes so close, only better! He really enjoys this, thanks for sharing!
Deb Crane songchef
Oct 19, 2013
Elaine, glad he enjoys it! My son loves it too. At least we know what is in it! :)