Drema's "Bourbon Glaze" Cocktail Weiners

Drema Bryant Recipe

By Drema Bryant atthehopchick

Another great appetizer or side dish to be served in fondue or chaffing dish warm.

Enjoy this spicy variety!

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2 pkg
hillshire farm "little smokies" cocktail weiners
4 c
1 1/2 c
brown sugar, light
1 1/2 c
1 c
warm water
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Directions Step-By-Step

Combine all ingredients minus cocktail weiners. Stir well until sugars start to dissolve. Place in crockpot or large sauce pan stirring till heats ups.
Tranfer all or in parts to fondue or chaffing dish. Gently add cocktail weiners and allow to simmer on Low until thoroughly heated. (About 30 minutes)

Tip: You can heat all and simmer totally for the entire 30 minutes and then transfer to serving or chaffing dish to keep warm.

Tip: I have made all up, adding the cocktail weiners and refrigerating until time for serving. Heat up in sauce pan and then trasfer to warming dish.

Tip: You may also soak the weiners in the bourbon until ready to make! A little weiner with more kick!

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