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Deer Steak, bacon and Eggs

By Holly Grier Cowgirl67

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Pan Fry

Holly's Story

This was actually created by my man Dan, he sure can cook when he puts his mind to it! This is great for breakfast, dinner or supper and can be used with beef steaks as well as Venison.


4 slice
bacon, cooked
venison steaks (or thin beef steak)
eggs (over easy)
salt & pepper to taste
tenderizer (use sparingly if using fresh venison)

Directions Step-By-Step

Cook your bacon slowly, over medium heat until it is partially done.
Add the venison tenderloins (or thin sliced beef steaks) in the same pan as the bacon and cook slowly. You want the venison steaks slightly pink in the center for maximum flavor and tenderness.
When the venison steaks are done to your likeness, remove the bacon and steaks from the pan and slow cook the eggs over easy.
Assemble with steaks on the bottom, add a slice or two of bacon, then top with egg and enjoy!
This is great for supper, when paired with smashed garlic and cheese potatoes and some greens or a breakfast meal-in-itself!

About this Recipe

Main Ingredient: Wild Game
Regional Style: American
Collection: Bring on the Bacon!
Other Tag: Quick & Easy

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Mar 10, 2015 - Bobby Webb shared this recipe with discussion groups: "HOW'S YOUR WEATHER", Wild Game and Wild Game / Birds / Fish.
Holly Grier Cowgirl67
Sep 23, 2012
Thanks Laura ~ I appreciate the shout out!
Laura Darragh Laulee
Sep 11, 2012
Hi Holly; Great recipe. I love deer meat,we don't get it very often..So we enjoy it when we do..Thanks for sharing and enjoy..Laura in Canada
Holly Grier Cowgirl67
Nov 17, 2011
Thanks for the shares Nikita ~ and the good group links for me :)