Crockpot Balsamic London Broil

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1 oval crockpot is best but round will do also
1 set of measuring spoons
1 long handled spoon for stirring in crockpot
1 knife for slicing and cutting veggies
1 Tbsp minced garlic
1 -10 1/2 oz can of campbell's french onion soup
32 oz beef broth (i used 1 box of swanson)
2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 tsp garlic powder with parsley
4 full twists of black peppercorn in grinder
20 oz water
1 tsp gold medal wonder to thicken gravy
1 stalk of celery cut into 3 pieces and then sliced down the middle
3-4 lb london broil (defrosted)
18 baby carrots fresh & whole
1 -14.24 oz can of french style green beans or 1 small frozen bag
(feel free to add 3-4 raw potatoes cut into quarters, 1 small frozen bag of corn, and/or mixed veggies if you want more of a stew kind of meal

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Jackie's notes for this recipe:
I love creating from scratch. I bought a beautiful 3 pound London Broil on sale and decided the best way to minimize the shrinkage was to make it in the Crockpot. You want to have a tasty gravy to go on that London Broil so here is where my creativity comes in. Thank you Lord, the gravy turned out with just the right thickness for my family’s taste and the London Broil was so juicy on the inside with hardly any shrinkage. All I can say is the sounds at the dinner table were mmmm, mmmm, good!!!
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SECRET TO THIS RECIPE: Before placing the London Broil in the Crockpot I put a little Olive Oil in a frying pan and when it begins to get warm I sear the London Broil in the Olive Oil for 3 or 4 seconds each side (top, bottom and all sides). This keeps the London Broil from shrinking too much during cooking (a trick I learned from Paula Dean).
Plug in Crockpot and set on HIGH. Put into Crockpot all of the GRAVY INGREDIENTS EXCEPT THE WONDER and stir well. Taste the gravy to see if you need to add more spices to satisfy your family’s taste buds.
Let the GRAVY get a little hot and add the WONDER. During the cooking time check the gravy and add Wonder to thicken the gravy to the texture you want.
Place the LONDON BROIL in the center of the Crockpot.
Place the CARROTS, CELERY and FRENCH STYLE GREEN BEANS around the sides of the London Broil. (If you are going to add Raw Potatoes and/or other veggies now is the time to add them.) Place the lid on the Crockpot.
Stir around the sides of the London Broil every 2 hours until done. Add Wonder if you desire a thicker gravy. Cook for 6 hours.
This dish is not meant to be a stew. Once the London Broil is cooked it should be taken out of the Crockpot, placed on a platter and sliced. Then place on either a separate or the same platter the Carrots and Green Beans (and other Veggies or Potatoes you may have added). Place the gravy in a gravy boat.
I served this meal with mashed potatoes topped with the gravy and a green salad.

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user Susan Feliciano frenchtutor - Jun 16, 2012
I was checking out your recipes, and I may try this for Father's Day tomorrow. I'll have to ask my husband how long he can wait around for dinner, as he has to go to Nashville this week for work.
user Susan Feliciano frenchtutor - Jun 17, 2012
Jackie, I made this for Father's Day dinner today - and it was really, really good! I put everything into the crock pot before church, and it was ready by 1:00. I didn't get a picture because we had guests and I couldn't get my act together, but rest assured, this is one roast I'll make again!
user Susan Feliciano frenchtutor - Jun 17, 2012
I tried this recipe and say it's Family Tested & Approved!
user Jackie Marinoff Jackie_Marinoff - Jun 17, 2012
WOW SUSAN, I am so honored that you not only chose my recipe but you made it on such a special day as Father's Day with guest's coming! So glad everyone liked it. Thank you very much for sharing the recipe with all the groups. You certainly have encouraged me to push through and do more cooking regardless of my limitations and to keep up with the Bodyworks group. God Bless

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