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By Penny Hall FantasyFaery54


The Bluebird Restaurant in Logan Utah makes this soda drink, and it is nearly impossible to get the recipe from anywhere.

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5 parts sparkling soda water
1 part iron port syrup

Directions Step-By-Step

It is way easy to make…just 5 parts sparkling water and 1 part Ironport Syrup. I like to add a bit of cherry syrup, but it is also delicious without it. You can also use the higher quality sparkling water, I just bought the cheap stuff one day.

I have to admit that I am not much of a soda drinker, but I have been craving this sweet drink a lot lately! I just had to share it with you. Hopefully you will get the chance to try some too!
you can buy the ironport syrup online from:
Ironport (sometimes spelled as two words: Iron Port) is an old-fashioned carbonated soft drink from the early part of the 20th century that was served at soda fountains. It can still be found in parts of Utah, Southern Idaho, Western Wyoming, and Eastern Nevada. The flavor has been described as somewhat of a cross between root beer and Caribbean spices and is very similar to the Cuban soda pop, Iron Beer. It is rumored to have been named after Porter Rockwell. The syrup can now be ordered online at RSM Foods

Ironport can still be purchased on-tap at the following places:

R&B Drive-In in American Falls, Idaho
Lost River Drug in Arco, Idaho
Five 11 Main Fountain & Pizzeria in Ashton, Idaho
Big Jud's Country Diner in Archer, Ashton & Boise, Idaho
Homestead Restaurant in Blackfoot, Idaho
Westside Drive-In Boise, Idaho
Tastee Treet in Chubbuck and Pocatello, Idaho
Corner Drug in Driggs, Idaho
The North Forty in Idaho Falls, Idaho
Sato's Sushi in Idaho Falls, Idaho (Asian Ironport)
Scotty's in Idaho Falls, Idaho
Malad Drive In in Malad, Idaho
Idaho Drug in Rigby, Idaho
Eastman Drug in Soda Springs, Idaho

Economy Drug in Ely, Nevada
Steptoe Drug in Ely, Nevada

Nielsen's Frozen Custard in Bountiful, Utah
Peach City in Brigham City, Utah
Bulloch Drug in Cedar City, Utah
Car-Hop Cafe in Fillmore, Utah
Hi-Mountain Drug in Kamas, Utah
Nielsen's Frozen Custard in Layton, Utah
Porter's Place in Lehi, Utah
The Bluebird Restaurant in Logan, Utah
Juniper Inn Logan, Utah
GriDeli's in Ogden, Utah
GriDeli's Express Newgate Mall in Ogden, Utah
Howie's Premium Rootbeer in Orem, Utah
Rocky Mountain Drive Inn Provo, Utah
Stans Drive In Provo, Utah
The Ideal Dairy in Richfield, Utah
Marion's Variety Roosevelt, Utah
The Hut & Super Video in Roy, Utah (called Steelport)
The Blue Plate Diner in Salt Lake City, Utah
Shivers in Salt Lake City, Utah
Woody's Drive In in Salt Lake City, Utah
Ala Cart 2 Go in Salt Lake City, Utah
SOS drug store Springville, Utah
Chevron Gas Station Smithfield, Utah
Dairy Delight in Tooele, Utah

City Drug in Evanston, Wyoming

Often, Ironport is mixed with cherry syrup to make what is called a cherry ironport (e.g., at the Bluebird in Logan, Utah and at Eastman Drug in Soda Springs, Idaho).

The Foods Service Division of Lyons Magnus produces Ironport Concentrate which can be bought at RSM Food Service in Logan, Utah and at Orson H. Gygi Co in Salt Lake City, Utah

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Jul 31, 2011 - Penny Hall shared this recipe with discussion group: Copy Cat Recipes
FREDA GABLE cookin4me
Jul 31, 2011
What an Interesting Story with this. One I have never Heard Of. Thanks for Posting.
Penny Hall FantasyFaery54
Aug 1, 2011
Your welcome. I was just thinking of the Blue Bird, which has been a family restaurant in Utah for over 50 years, and my kids loved going there on birthdays, for the Iron Port, and the homemade candies they make there.
Stormy Stewart karlyn255
Aug 1, 2011
What does the soda taste like. Great post
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Aug 1, 2011 - Stormy Stewart shared this recipe with discussion group: USA State Recipes
Penny Hall FantasyFaery54
Aug 1, 2011
The flavors are so unique, that they are difficult to identify. You can taste cherry, and what sort of tastes like gingerale, but the drink is dark, and very very sweet. I listed the restaraunts across the country that do have that drink, and the online rsm that sells the mix for about $12.00. Just a memory that I was sharing.
Shirley Makekau tutuwoman
Aug 1, 2011
Thanks for this post and all that typing to give us girls and guys a taste of that drink with the links to purchase the syrup.
Penny Hall FantasyFaery54
Aug 1, 2011
Your welcome. Just a nostalgic dose of fountain history........
Dec 7, 2011 - Tara Pacheco shared this recipe with discussion group: Local Favorites
Feb 5, 2012
Porters Place in Lehi has Ironport and sarsaparilla, and it's always such a tough decision which one to order!! Thanks Penny! I gotta get my bum up to Orson Gigi!
Penny Hall FantasyFaery54
Feb 5, 2012
your welcome Shirley
Colleen Huber daisyscandy
May 11, 2013
Daisy's in Twin Falls, Idaho; 1886 Addison Ave. E.; also has Ironport drinks along with many other old time sodas - cherry, grape, lime and vanilla.