Plantation Mint Ice Tea.

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By Bobbi Gulla BobbiGee

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I've used a Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker. The major benefit is that when your ice tea pitcher is empty, you can have a deliciously fresh batch in 10 minutes. I know some of you have access to fresh mint but this is stronger & tastier. The Ice Tea maker can be found at Walmart for approx $15. They last years. It's simple to use & the result is worth it. I use Bigelow brand teas, I prefer the Plantation Mint [spearment-like] & Lemon Lift. Try it, Mikey!


bigelow plantation mint tea bags
round fluted coffee filter
1/2 c
granulated sugar
7 lb bag of ice

Directions Step-By-Step

Use "Mr Coffee Iced tea Maker". Other cheaper brand ofice tea maker don't work. You get what you pay for. Its worth it! Read instructions thoroughly to use machine properly. I got my maker at Walmart for $15. It's been working well for 5 years!
Take pitcher and use markings to indicate how much water is needed. Make the 3 qt...the 2 qt goes to fast & the tea stays good for a week [mine never makes it that long]. Pour water into space at top of iced tea maker.
Take bag of ice and throw on the ground HARD until it breaks up the ice that may have melted & formed lumps rather than cubes. Fill pitcher to designated 3 QT marker.
Put 2 round, fluted coffee filters in the brewing cup. 2 filters help to keep the iced tea & sugar longer in the brewing cup for stonger tea.
Take 8 tea bags in place in brewing cup making sure they cover as much bottom area as possible.
Fill the rest of the brewing cup with sugar. I may take a few tries to find your family's sweetness prefernce. The sugar also brings out the natural sweetness in the mint flavor of the tea bags.
Put filled brewing cup in proper place of ice tea maker. Place water dispenser directly over brewing cup.
Set Brew strenth all the way to the right for strong tea.
Push "start" button. It will light up to indicate you pressed it hard enough.
When "start" button goes off, your tea is ready. You will notice the final sound of gurgling steaming water & ice crackling. You'll also enjoy the fragrance of the mint or lemon while its brewing.
Immedately enjoy your icy cold beverage. If you need larger quantites, get regular picthers to store pre-made batches in, so you can use the maker's pitcher to make more.
Note: Iced tea used to make my stomach feel acidy. Especially Sun Tea, for those of us old enoughto remember this phenomenon. I don't know why, but this iced tea never gives me acid stomach.
Feedback appreciated!

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Bobbi Gulla BobbiGee
Jul 16, 2012
Pat,when I worked [before I got sick] I was a computer systems analyst/programmer which requires giving details. Its a skill that I doubt I'll ever lose. I don't remember the movie, but there was a loine that said "Talk to me like I'm a 3 year old". So that's how I write! lol Not implying anyone on JAP thinnks like a 3 year old. ;-)

Thanks for the hugs! I never turn a hug away.

Pat Duran kitchenchatter
Jul 15, 2012
Bobbi you sure know how to give detailed directions, bless you. Thanks for the recipe and the information. Hugs, Pat
Bobbi Gulla BobbiGee
Jul 14, 2012
[cont'd] a $10 delivery/gas fee. Think about what else you throw away $10 on. hahahI suggest that you google "Giant" oe "peapod" [their on-line shopping site] and see if there's a GIant near you. Or go to Bigelow's web site; I bet they can tell you the closest location where it is sold.
Good luck & please let me know how you make out. Good Luck!
Bobbi Gulla BobbiGee
Jul 14, 2012
I'm not surprised that the Walmart didn't carry Bigelow. It's not something their customers would typically want [don't get me wrong, I LOVE Walmart. Try some of your more "up-scale" supermarkets or stores in up-scale neighborhoods. A suggestion, if I may: I'm disabled & have to pick & choose where I spend my limited walking time. I've learned to do all myresearch on the phone. I call places to ensure they have what I want & the location/aisle whee I can find it. I don't know where you're from, but do you have Giant supermarkets there? Also, ACME, Genuardis, Pathmark. I do all my food shopping on-line & have it delivered right into my kitchen for