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Serves: Makes a little over 2 cups of liquid non-dairy creamer
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1 c powdered non-dairy creamer (plain or flavored)
1 c very hot water (not boiling)
1 c cold water
1/2 - 1 tsp *if so desired, flavoring or extract of your choice

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Auntie's notes for this recipe:
This recipe is from a container of generic plain powdered non-dairy creamer.

It is a refrigerated, liquid non-dairy creamer, and can be used in coffee, tea, cocoa, or any beverage that you would add a creamer to.
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In a oven-proof glass Pyrex type measuring cup with a handle, heat 1 cup of water in microwave until very HOT (but not boiling) approximately 30-45 seconds.

Depending on the type of microwave, it could require a few seconds longer.
After removing the heated water from the microwave oven, slowly add 1 cup of the powdered non-dairy creamer to the heated water and stir to mix thoroughly.

If the creamer does not readily dissolve or mix well, reheat the water. The hot mixture should not have any lumps in it.
After the powder has mixed well with the heated water, add 1 cup of COLD water and stir to mix thoroughly.

Let cool slightly, and store in airtight container in refrigerator. This is now a liquid non-dairy creamer, equivalent to the liquid non-dairy creamer sold in the refrigerated section of the grocery.
If desired, 1/2 - 1 teaspoon of a liquid extract or flavoring such as vanilla could be added if you used the plain non-dairy creamer powder.

Flavorings or extracts should be added after the liquid has cooled.
This recipe is basically a ratio. Larger amounts could be mixed by this ratio:

1 part of very hot water
1 part non-dairy creamer
1 part cold water

Just remember to MIX WELL, and I hope you enjoy it! :-)

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user Auntie Rhonda AuntieRhonda - Jun 5, 2013
I shared a photo of this recipe. View photo
user Bobby Webb Bobdoescooking - Jun 6, 2013
Hi, I don't use creamer in my coffee, just Hot and Black!!! My friends like creamer in there coffee, so I PINCHED you and will try this. Thanks
user Auntie Rhonda AuntieRhonda - Jun 6, 2013
Thanks, Bobby! Do you like your coffee strong enough to stand your spoon upright in the cup?
user Bobby Webb Bobdoescooking - Jun 6, 2013
Yes, I like my coffee strong and sometimes I add a little CHICORY also.
user Pat Duran kitchenchatter - Jun 27, 2013
Thanks for the recipe -I use a lot of creamer in my coffee -I also bake with it.

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