Hippie Juice

Stephanie Hetrick Recipe

By Stephanie Hetrick allest2

5 Min

Cousin, Cindy Rine shared recipe on FB.

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1 c
smirnoff watermelon vodka
1/3 c
triple sec
1/3 c
malibu coconut rum
4 scoop(s)
country time pink lemonade mix
water per country time pink lemonade mix
1 c
fresh strawberries, cleaned and quartered

Directions Step-By-Step

Mix all ingredients
Clean and Quarter Fresh Strawberries and put them in the mix.
Chill & Serve

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Cocktails
Main Ingredient: Alcohol
Regional Style: American

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Sharon Colyer Cmom02
Feb 3, 2014
Sounds tasty--pinching!
Dawn Derocha D'Ambrosio joshababy614
Jan 25, 2015
I have searched all over the tri county area & can only find pink lemonade with the lid you use for measuring. I guess gone are the days where you can buy this or kool-aid with a "scoop" enclosed in the can. So this recipe says to add "scoops" of pink lemonade, how do i do this? Any suggestions? Or should i assume "scoop" is a tablespoon maybe? I really want to try this but don't want to waste the alcohol in the process of experimenting lol
Kelly L KellyLuce
Jan 31, 2015
I just made this and used 6 rounded tablespoons of pink lemonade and 4 cups of water for this recipe. I also increased the Malibu rum for better flavor. Really good!
Dawn Derocha D'Ambrosio joshababy614
Feb 1, 2015
Thank you! Perfect timing! Was just getting ready to make it! ☺
Stephanie Sziel Stephanie_Sziel
Feb 6, 2015
How much does this make?
karrie mendoza sweetladyk
Feb 21, 2015
Measure out enough lemonade powder mix for two quarts (the lid of the container has a line for two quarts). Add the vodka, the triple sec, and the coconut rum. Mix it all together and put it in the Simply container. Add cold water to the neck of the Simply container.

Rinse the strawberries and cut straight across with a knife to remove the stem. Then place the strawberries upside down on the cutting board and slice evenly into 4 pieces using two motions forming a cross.

Drop the strawberries into the drink mixture, add water to the top, cap and shake gently to mix. Refrigerate.
stephanie g madamemomof3
May 29, 2015
Very refreshing Summer cocktail. My new favorite!
Ska Jenny PeaceLoveGuacamole
Jun 1, 2015
Hello! I am so happy everyone is sharing and enjoying my recipe for Hippie Juice from 2010. Can you please put a link to my original recipe with this post? I have noticed an issue with people giving credit and I am trying to remedy that. Thank you so much. The website it belongs to is peaceloveguacamole.com and the direct link to Hippie Juice is peaceloveguacamole.blogspot.com/...l

Thank you so much and if anyone has any questions, there are many answers in the comments there.
Michael Janssen Michael_Janssen
Aug 11, 2015
I have a party coming up this weekend and would like to know the quantities of the ingredients that would be needed to make 2 gallons of hippie juice. Sorry but I'm terrible at math. Thanks