Terressa Kennedy Recipe

Mormon Punch

By Terressa Kennedy rvrctygrrl

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Terressa's Story

part of my cookbook


6oz. cans frozen orange juice
6oz. can frozen lemonade
1 c
6oz. water
1 tsp
1 tsp
almond extract
1-3 oz
mint for garnish

Directions Step-By-Step

In a gallon container combine orange juice and lemonade. Mix sugar with 6oz. of water and add to juice mix. Add vanilla and almond extracts and amaretto. Fill container with water to equal 1 full gallon. Shake well and serve chilled with mint.
Serves 15

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Course/Dish: Punches, Cocktails, Other Drinks
Other Tag: Quick & Easy

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  • user
    Straw's Kitchen GrandsBest - Dec 13, 2012
    Amaretto(?)......Mormons have a health code that eschews (avoid, shun, stay away from) alcoholic beverages, tobacco, coffee, tea, and other addictive substances.
  • user
    Bonnie Beck sailboat - Dec 13, 2012
    Mormom? Amaretto? HUH? Must have come from a cookbook by Dave Hunter and Ed Decker.
  • user
    Terressa Kennedy rvrctygrrl - Dec 13, 2012
    Or maybe it's a new order we dont know about... lol
  • user
    Bonnie Beck sailboat - Dec 13, 2012
    Terressa..new order? No, don't know where you got the recipe. No Mormon other then a Jack Mormon would drink an alcohol beverage.
  • user
    Straw's Kitchen GrandsBest - Dec 13, 2012
    I have several friends who are Mormon and believe me, none of them would touch this. The ones that I asked about it said "no, I'm sure is not a Mormon recipe".