Lavender infused Vodka

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Serves: 3 cups (24 1-ounce servings)
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1 bottle 750 ml vodka
2 Tbsp lavender flowers (dried)

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Stormy's notes for this recipe:
Lavender Vodka isn't your everyday vodka. It has a very distincive taste.

lavender flowers have an antiseptic, calming and carminative activity, and nerve stimulating effects. They are used in cases of digestive disorder, in cephalalgia as a flavouring and corrective agent, in hypertension, cardiac affections, headaches, insomnia, melancholia, dizziness or bronchial asthma.

headaches, anxiety states, rheumatism or distension, the consumption of an infusion of lavender flowers is recommended
For treating colds, influenza or fever
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Place lavender in a clean 1-quart jar. Using a wooden spoon, lightly crush lavender flowers against the side of the jar after adding vodka.
Cover jar tightly with a non metallic lid (or cover jar with plastic wrap and tightly seal with a metal lid). Let stand in the freezer for 4 days.
Pour vodka through a fine mesh sieve to remove all solids. Return infused vodka to original bottle. Or to give as a gift, pour infused vodka into a decorative jar. Label and seal. Place jar in the freezer up to 3 months to store.

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user Carol L. Gr8Granny27 - Jun 10, 2011
Stormy, you have so many interesting recipes, and I have saved many of them. I was wondering about the effect of lavender on the nerves in the feet and ankles of diabetics. I have neuropathy in my feet and lower legs, not to mention that something is going on with my fingers as well. Any thoughts as to benefits I might receive from using lavender. Also, I really don't know where to get lavender.
user Colleen Sowa colleenlucky7 - Jun 10, 2011
Carol, you should be able to get lavender from the People's Food Co-Op... I have before... in the bulk spice area...

Hi Stormy, I was wondering how this recipe would work to flavor cakes and frostings instead of vanilla? I make home made vanilla in a similar way.
user Carol L. Gr8Granny27 - Jun 10, 2011
Thanks for the info, Colleen. I never go to the co-op, but I will do so.
user Colleen Sowa colleenlucky7 - Jun 10, 2011
I buy a lot of my goodies there.... : ) (some of it is cheaper than Wal-Mart)

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