Lynnda Cloutier Recipe

Infused Pineapple Vodka

By Lynnda Cloutier eatygourmet

So refreshing on a hot summer day. From Beach Appetit.

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1 medium ripe pineapple, peeled
1 liter skyy or absolut vodka
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Directions Step-By-Step

Cut pineapple into 1inch cubes. Put the cubes into an airtight jar. Add the vodka, reserving the empty bottle. Seal the jar.
Let mixture stand for a week. Strain the mixture into a pitcher, reserving pineapple and the vodka. Squeeze the juice form pineapple into the pitcher. Put a funnel in the reserved vodka bottle and line it with a coffee filter or some cheesecloth. Pour the vodka into the bottle. Store in refrigerator up up to 1 month. Serve over ice.
Recipe from Cafe Thirty-A

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Cocktails

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