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Easy Pina Coladas

By Stormy Stewart karlyn255

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Stormy's Story

This is a great recipe for family outings and any BBQ. It can be made with or without the alcohol. I make mine without and each add rum or not depending on personal taste


1 can(s)
(large can) pineapple juice
1 can(s)
12-16 oz coconut milk (has thick paste and water inside) in chinese food section at grosery store
1 bottle
coconut rum or any rum or flavoring

Directions Step-By-Step

Pour pineapple juice and coconut milk together. include the thick part as well into a 2 qt pitcher. mix and chill
when ready to serve remix and pour in a blender, 1/2 full of mix and add ice to make 3/4's full and blend at high speed until thick and frosty. Add alcohol or not at this stage and serve.

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