Strawberry-Lemon Curd Trifle

Pat Morris Recipe

By Pat Morris AugustgaPat


This is a pretty and scrumptious dessert! You can buy the lemon curd and strawberry sauce in the grocery store -or you can make your own. My mother use to make her own lemon-curd. She refered to it as lemon cheese, because she said when the bubbles burst they looked like holes in cheese. She used hers for pie, cake filling and in-between cookies.

I love trifles, and this is a really good one. I'll take and post a photograph when I can use both hands/arms (Broke wrist, Ulna, Radius and bones on top of hand - Ouch!)

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pound cake; can also use a sponge or butter cake -homemade or store-bought.
1-1/2 c
strawberry sauce (recipe listed with my other recipes- or can use store bought)
1/2 lb
fresh stawberries, sliced
1-1/2 c
lemon curd (recipe listed with my other recipes -or you can use store bought)
1-1.2 c
cold, heavy whipping cream
2-3 Tbsp
white granulated sugar
1/2 tsp
pure vanilla extract
shortbread or amaretti cookies

Directions Step-By-Step

Have ready the pound cake, the strawberry sauce, sliced strawberries, lemon curd, and whipping cream.
To make the whipping cream: In the bowl of your electric mixer, or with a hand mixer, whip the cream, sugar, and vanilla extract until stiff peaks form.
To assemble: In the bottom of your trifle bowl place slices (about 1/3 inch thick) of the pound cake. Fill in any gaps with extra pieces of the cake. Pour half of the strawberry sauce over the pound cake. Top the strawberry sauce with half of the sliced strawberries.
Next pour half of the lemon curd over the strawberries. Top with half of the whipped cream. Repeat the layers -ending with the whipped cream -top with fresh strawberries.
Cover and refrigerate for 8 hours or overnight, to allow the flavors to mingle. Just before serving sprinkle the top of the trifle with the crushed Amaretti or shortbread cookies, if desired.
Note: This trifle can also be made into individual servings. Simply follow the recipe for the large trifle only instead of using a large trifle bowl, use small glasses (about 1 cup) Makes about 10 individual trifles.

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Course/Dish: Puddings, Other Desserts

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Woodsy Girl WoodsyGirl
Jun 4, 2013
This sounds delightful, Pat, but I'm not finding your recipes for Lemon Curd and Strawberry Sauce (as mentioned in your ingredients list for those items). Are they included within some of your other recipes? If so, I would be interested to know which ones.

Thanks! :)
Pat Morris AugustgaPat
Jun 16, 2013
Woodsy Girl. This must have been an occasion when “I meant” to post the recipes for the lemon curd and strawberry sauce –then got distracted with something else and forgot to go back and post them. Sorry about that.

Even though you can buy lemon curd in the grocery store (not as good as home-made, but good), on the pudding and gelatin aisle - and I see a few others have posted recipes for it, I will make it a point in the next few days to post mine. I made a layer cake for my cousin's birthday last weekend and used the lemon curd for the filling and icing.

I just posted the Quick and Easy Strawberry Sauce recipe for you.
Pat Morris AugustgaPat
Jun 16, 2013
Both recipes mentioned in the recipe above -the Quick and Easy Strawberry Sauce and the (Lemon Curd) Lemon Cheese Filling and Icing are posted now.

(Lemon Curd) Lemon Cheese Filling and Icing

Quick and Easy Strawberry Sauce