Rice Cooker Old-Fashioned Rice Pudding

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By Donna Smith kittykook

5 Min
1 Hr 30 Min

I originally got this recipe from a cookbook, but I made so many changes as time went along that it's practically a new recipe. A rice cooker is an undervalued utensil in Western kitchens but is found in most Asian kitchens. What most people don't realize is that a rice cooker can cook more than just rice. This is one of the fancy electronic rice cookers that can tell when rice is perfectly cooked, but that also applies to other grains, and some can also work as a steamer, bread maker, or a slow cooker. If you want to experiment with a new appliance this is a great idea, and fun. And of course the rice is good too. There are a few specialty rice cooker cookbooks, and one is very good, I think you'll be able to figure out which one it is, if you look.

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1-2 Tbsp
medium-grain white rice, such as arborio (often called risotto rice), calriso, or another california-grown rice--do not wash!
2/3 c
additional long-grain or short-grain rice to make 2/3 cups rice total
4 c
milk (skim, 1%, 2%, whole, or a combination)
1/3-1/2 c
sugar, to taste
1 tsp
pure vanilla extract

Directions Step-By-Step

This recipe uses American/English measurements, do not use the cup that comes with the rice cooker.
Machine: Medium (5- or 6-cup) rice cooker, fuzzy logic only
Cycle: Porridge
You need a very starchy rice such as Arborio or an American-grown version of it to get the right consistency for this pudding. Using more than 2 tablespoons, however, makes the pudding too starchy, especially when cold.
Place the rice and milk in the rice cooker bowl; stir to combine. Close the cover and set for the Porridge cycle.
When the machine switches to the Keep Warm cycle, open the rice cooker, and add the sugar and vanilla, quickly stirring it into the rice milk mixture. Stir until combined.
Close the cover and reset for a second Porridge cycle. Stir every 15 to 20 minutes until the desired consistency is reached. Warning: cooking the sugar for more than about 1/2-hour makes the pudding difficult to clean from the rice cooker bowl, so don't add sugar at the beginning of cooking (although the rice pudding comes out fine)! Rice mixture will thicken as it cools. If it comes out too thick, just add more milk.
Pour the pudding into 6 custard cup or ramekins, or pour into a single larger bowl. Serve warm or let cool slightly and refrigerate for at least 1 hour. When cold, cover with plastic wrap and store for up to 4 days.
You can add dried fruit and or cinnamon, and top with whipped cream. Also a fruit syrup or sauce or fresh fruit would be good as a topping. Coconut can be added to the mixture as well.

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janet vinson chefjlv
Jun 16, 2011
I have an Aroma Rice cooker/food steamer. The cycles are White, Brown, saute then Simmer, Steam, Keep Warm.
Which cycle do you recommend for "Porridge"?

Thank you
Donna Smith kittykook
Jun 17, 2011
Is this an electronic rice cooker? If so the cycle that is closest to "porridge" is a cycle that slow cooks (but faster than standard slow cook), and all the water is not absorbed during it. Mine is a Japanese brand so porridge is a cycle. I just found the Aroma ARC-930SB which is a 10-cup cooker with all the cycles you mentioned. In the description it does say it cooks porridge. According to my reference, porridge cycle is like a faster slow-cook. You can still cook most porridge dishes in a rice-cooker without it, it does say, but you might have to monitor it closely to make sure it doesn't burn or there is some liquid left. Maybe you can look into your manual and see if there is a cycle that cooks risotto or oatmeal? That would be the one. I hope I could help here.
janet vinson chefjlv
Jun 18, 2011
Thank you for responding, A recipe in the book for risotto is saute and simmer, I will try that cycle. Thank you again
Dec 2, 2011 - Karla Everett shared this recipe with discussion group: Rice is Nice Group
Evone Kent evone56
Feb 9, 2014
Question... So if you don't own a rice cooker what do you do? And please don't say go buy one. lol I have never had a rice cooker so do you have any help for me:( Ahhhh I am so cheap.
Delphine Brisepierre ladyfelina
Apr 30, 2014
I tried this and it boiled out of the rice cooker after about 10 mins. (It's a Panasonic, I had it on the porridge setting.) I let it go and it seems fine... but how do you prevent boiling over?
Echo Rodetsky Echo_Rodetsky
May 16, 2014
I tried this with an Aroma ARC-1010SB 10-Cup (Uncooked) 20-Cup (Cooked). It boiled over twice, I used the saute and simmer setting. I'm glad I cleaned up the lid the first time because it wouldn't have stayed on the lid the second time. It also burned the bottom of the rice- not the golden brown crisped sugar, but dark brown/black bits. I scraped that all out and put it on warm with more milk. I added cinnamon and raisins and left it on warm for about 20 minutes. That was fine according to my son, husband, and sister in law (I do not like rice pudding), but I had about half the yield from the lost burned bits. Going to give it another try with the white rice setting.
Colleen D Colleen80
Jun 27, 2014
I made this using my three-cup Zojirushi Micom with fuzzy logic (amazon.com/...B000G30ESY), using all arborio rice exactly as written. It came out perfectly with no boiling over during either porridge cycle. There was about a 2" diameter circle on the bottom of the rice bowl that was slightly golden, but nothing stuck.

I think this recipe might be highly dependent on both the fuzzy logic & the porridge cycle, because my cooker is far smaller than many mentioned previously & had zero issues with boiling over. Either way, I'm from subtropical Florida I'm thrilled to have something with this consistency & taste that doesn't require any stovetop or oven time. Thank you for sharing!
Lucy Larkom lover1212111
Sep 23, 2014
I tried to do it in multicooker (Redmond 4500) it's much more than just perfect! My cooker Rememder it and now I it do it every morning. Recepie is perfect, now I feel much better, thank you!