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By Diane Springs DianeSprings


I have NEVER made this, at least not yet, but the recipe brings back wonderful memories of sitting around Gram's tiny kitchen eating her warm fried pies. I liked the peach ones best - she made those from dried peaches. You know, losing someone special to you is awful, but losing those recipes that are stored in her heart, is a special loss too. So, for my Gram, here you go! Her famous fried pie dough!

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3 c
1 c
1 tsp
cold water until sticky

Directions Step-By-Step

Using a fork or a dough blender, combine flour and crisco, working into a cornmeal stage. Add enough cold water to make a sticky dough. Roll out in flour and roll into a square. I have no idea how many this makes.

This dough needs to be a tough dough, so you can fry it and it will hold together.
Roll into squares, put fruit mixture in middle, fold and seal edges with a fork and drop into hot Crisco until nice and golden brown.
Gram always used her iron skillet to make these. I remember peach, apple and raisin. Makes my mouth water just to think about them.

Good Luck!

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Deborah Ice icewoman56
Mar 31, 2012
I will have to try this sounds really good.
Bernice Mosteller candychristmas
Apr 1, 2012
I'm going to try one day this week. I'm going try your coconut cream pie first! I will let you know how it turns out!!
Sue McGrory suemcgrory
Apr 1, 2012
Did she dust them with sugar or cinnamon/sugar when they were done?
Diane Springs DianeSprings
Apr 2, 2012
No...she didn't...but I'm sure that would be good! Her filling was so sweet that she didn't need more sugar on the outside. I'm going to have to try's been way too long.

She used her little one serving cast iron skillet and would make her just one often. I am assuming she refrigerated the dough.

I wish she were here so I could quiz her. She'd love this site! :)