Dirty Halloween Secret

Hayley Nease Recipe

By Hayley Nease HayleyAnne

This is a very quick and easy recipe Only 4 ingredients - No oven needed. Great for Halloween parties :)

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oreo or chocolate pie crust
oreo cookies
2 c
orange sherbet, softened
8 oz
cool whip
drops of yellow & red food coloring if desired
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Directions Step-By-Step

Place 2 cups of softened Orange Sherbet into large bowl. Stir until smooth. Add 4 ounces (Half of the container) of Cool Whip and stir until smooth. NOTE: YOU MAY ADD A VERY SMALL AMOUNT OF YELLOW AND RED FOOD COLORING DURING THIS STEP TO MAKE THE ORANGE COLOR MORE INTENSE.
Spoon the mixture into the oreo or chocolate pie crust. Place the pie into the freezer, while you are cutting the 9 Oreo's in halves.(Making 18 halves). Take the remaining 6 Oreo cookies and grind them up to a crumble texture. (I used an electric onion chopper and it worked well).
Once you finish slicing the Oreo's in half, take the pie out of the freezer and easily press the Oreo's into the filling.
Once finished pressing in the cookies, take the remaining Cool Whip (Slightly soft to spead easily) and easily cover the pie. Sprinkle on the ground Oreo's. You will have a lot of cookie for the topping. You may choose to use more or less cookie crumble.
Once finished, freeze the pie at a minimum of 2 hours. Allow pie to set at room temperature upon serving, to allow for ease.

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