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I've never bought brown sugar, and this was taught to me by my granny
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Well baking season is here and thought I would share a tip with you all...
I have not bought brown sugar in my life.. this is the way my granny made her brown sugar

For 2 cups of sugar add 1 T Molasses and mix well

I have a kitchen aid and throw in a whole bag of sugar and a few T of molasses to taste turn on low with the whisk blade and walk a way...and store in ziploc bag.

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user sharon cowles carlymay - Dec 6, 2010
Yipppeeee.It finally worked.. LOL.. Had a dickens of a time posting this one.. kept freezing up and would not post.
user Donna Brown gabbiegirl - Dec 6, 2010
Thanks, Sharon. The posts are really messed up tonight, I think.
user CONNIE BOLDA DuplinLady - Dec 7, 2010
Thanks for posting this - there have been times this would have saved me a trip to the store. I am assuming this could harden just like the commercial brown sugar, so here's a tip that I always do and I never have hardened sugar. I put the opened sugar in an air tight plastic container with a piece of a broken terra cotta flower pot in with it. I use a piece about the size of a silver dollar for a 2 lb bag. It works great, no rock hard sugar.
user sharon cowles carlymay - Dec 7, 2010
well now I'll just have to try that.. but I'm always making the sugar as we have a few grandies around the house and it gets used up fairly quickly with breakfast oatmeal and breads
user Sheila Durall whispering2u_ - Dec 8, 2010
OH WOW GIRLS you amaze me. Where have you been all my life. I am gonna make this right now Sharon. Connie thank you also for the pot idea I will try that too. I have always damped a paper tpwel or coffee filter and stuck it in the corner if it harded up.

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