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I finally found a recipe for Gum Paste that did not require "gum tragacanth" or "tylose" which is also called CMC or carboxymethylcullulose. I have a problem cooking with something I can't pronouce...LOL
Any recipe that calls for those supposedly can be made using geletin & corn syrup. Gum paste is a very strong sugar clay - stronger than Fondant for making flowers & figures. The negative about this recipe is that when it drys it can be brittle. I had fun making a few simple things.


1 lb
confectioners sugar (about 4 cups)
1/4 c
1 Tbsp
unflavored gelatin
1 Tbsp
clear corn syrup

Directions Step-By-Step

1) Put water in a saucepan & sprinkle the gelatin over the water. Let gelatin soak for about 5 minutes or until it starts to look foamy.
2) Add the corn syrup. Stir slowly and heat mixture over low heat, stirring until gelatin has dissolved and mixture is clear.
3) Pour into a bowl containing confectioners' sugar. Mix together until you can no longer mix; there will be quite a bit of sugar left in the bowl.
4) Dump mixture out onto confectioners' sugar dusted work counter and knead until the mixture no longer sticks to your hands.
5) Use immediately or store the paste in a plastic bag with all the air pressed out. This paste dries quickly, so keep any part you're not using covered. This gum paste makes very strong sugar pieces, but they can be brittle.
Store flowers, figures, structures in a cool dry place protected from accidental bumps until you place them on the cake or cake board with edible glue.
I have posted severl recipes for different kinds of edible glue in different posts.

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rose mary romadise
Dec 1, 2014
Hi, I just want to know what else I can use instead corn sirup
Melisa Crandlemire Allthingsroses
Nov 18, 2014
Thank you so very much Connie!
I tried your recipe for gum paste and was able to make lovely roses for my cupcakes. I'd like to add that they taste good too ;) thank you!
Jack Tayler jack11007
Oct 29, 2014
Bang,... Is this paste is useful for smoking stain in gums or not then suggest me any product which is useful for removing smoking stain from gums.
Kooka 7 kooka7
Apr 11, 2014
Thanks so much for this recipe. I'm from AU so the 'confectioners sugar' threw me a little... which is known to me as 'icing sugar'... We have 5 little ones, so I guess the gelatin for me was more soaked for 15 minutes LOL - but not detrimental!!

I didn't have any 'corn syrup' on hand, so after a bit of research...made me own and added this concoction to your recipe...

I can't upload any photo's, so may need to post this one to my own account?? I am new to justapinch, but just wanted to say a huge thanks as I will never ever be buying fondant again!!

The cupcakes and icing and decorations for our daughters 7th birthday were an absolute hit and pleasure to create from 'scratch'...

Thanks again,