Fruit Dessert Recipes

Raspberry Truffle Brownies Recipe

Raspberry Truffle Brownies

By Cheryl Green

I found this recipe on They sound delicious - I have not tried them...

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Crock POt Pumpkin-Apple Dessert Recipe

Crock POt Pumpkin-Apple Dessert

By Pat Duran

Betty Crocker knows how to spell homemade dessert with great flavor! A new way to make...

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Tonna's Apple Cake Recipe

Tonna's Apple Cake

By Tonna Canfield

I came up with this recipe, after making a few apple cakes that I just wasn't...

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Mango Macadamia Nut Tart Tatin Recipe

Mango Macadamia Nut Tart Tatin

By Kristine Snyder

I adore mangoes and this tart is a mango-lover's dream! It's simple to prepare and cooking...

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Cheery Cherry Cheese Bars Recipe

Cheery Cherry Cheese Bars

By Kelly Williams

This recipe is chock-full of my favorites! And they are a quick and easy bar to...

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Tiny Tim's Tidings of Joy Cookies Recipe

Tiny Tim's Tidings of Joy Cookies

By Kelly Williams

Very, VERY old recipe, so old it's literally crumbling in my hands on the fragile yellowed...

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