Ultimate Mango Float

Lucy Apostol Recipe

By Lucy Apostol lovelucy


This is a great dessert for summer days. Mangoes are one of the most delicious fruits in the world. The best are grown in an island in the Philippines called Guimaras. It is the famous Mango Capital of the world.

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200 g
graham crackers
10 1/2 oz
all-purpose cream
3 large
ripe mangoes
1 can(s)
condensed milk
1 c
crushed graham crackers

Directions Step-By-Step

Sliced mangoes into thin wedges
Combine condensed milk and all purpose cream. Do not beat. Just mix well.
Place graham crackers on square glass pan or container.
Layer mangoes on top of graham crackers. Make sure crackers are covered well with mangoes.
Spread cream mixture over the mangoes.
Repeat by putting layers of graham, mangoes and cream until you've used it all. Top off with crushed graham crackers.
Refrigerate to chill overnight. Mango float tastes more delicious when chilled well.
Mangoes can be substituted with canned peaches or fruit cocktail. But I prefer fresh mangoes. Much more delicious and refreshing. Great dessert summer days! Enjoy!

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Fruit Desserts

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ann walpole annww
Apr 28, 2011
What is all purpose cream?
Lucy Apostol lovelucy
May 8, 2011
like a thick heavy cream, preferably chilled.
Faith Vant Land delight12
Jan 14, 2012
You can use Nestle Cream (canned).
tess uson sfh357
Jul 23, 2012
Hi Ate Lucy i've been looking for that mango recipe, since i got lots of mango i'm gonna try your recipe i can't find all purpose cream i bought nestle cream i'll see the out come and i'll let you know,,,sounds yummy...Tess from chicago..keep posting more filipino desserts please...thanks
Faith Vant Land delight12
Jul 24, 2012
Hi Tess, looks like you found the perfect substitute (Nestle cream) for the all-purpose cream. I hope your dessert will turn out great. Enjoy!
Lucy Apostol lovelucy
Aug 7, 2012
Hi Tess, in the Philippines I use Nestle Cream but for those who can't find Nestle' cream any heavy cream may be used... but there's no substitute the for a perfect mango float than to use Nestle' cream... good choice! I will certainly post more Filipino deserts for everyone to enjoy...
Chona Lim chonablim
Nov 12, 2012
Hello! What can i use for a substitute of the Graham cracker since it is not available here in Australia? Can i use any kind of cracker and with the mangoes, since it is limited here.. can i use dried mangoes instead of the fresh ones?
Michi Amable mgamable
Nov 25, 2012
hi Chona! plain digestives will do if you can't find any graham crackers. im not sure about dried mangoes though. fresh fruits are the best choice but you can also opt for canned pears or canned fruit cocktail.
regina tan reginatan2013
Jan 22, 2013
Hi , how come my grahams float when i put on the mixture of cream and condensed milk? This makes my bottom layer cream instead of the graham. How long does it need to be chilled for the cream to harden? My outcome after
Chilled overnight was the mixture was still in the liquid form. Pls help!
Liz Sagzki sagzki
Jul 26, 2013
Can I substitute all purpose cream with whipping cream?
malene p enelam
Dec 18, 2014
hi tita.lucy been folowing your recipre.....pwede q ba gmitin.ung nestle cream in can(ashta dto s lebanon) pra siubtitute po s allpurpose cream....pra s graham cake n.ggwin q po for my bday
malene p enelam
Dec 18, 2014
thank you po at sna nmtulingan nyo aq iba recipre for my bday hehehehe
Nicole Villos Nicole_Villos
Apr 6, 2015
All purpose cream can be replaced by thick cream not whipped cream. And it's best to chill it first over night then freeze for 1 hours. You can add gelatins on the mixture so it won't be that runny.
mellisa abuevar mellisa_abuevar
Aug 11, 2015
hello po.... is it okay if i put it on the freezer overnight? will it too frozen? because when i made one previously, i left it on the fridge to chill for hours... but it was too soft when it got served..