Orange Cream Stuffed Strawberries

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By Leah Stacey CookingMaven


Not only do these look fabulous but they taste fabulous too! They get eaten up pretty quick when I make them ! I hope you enjoy this deliciously easy recipe!


1 pt
fresh strawberries
(8 ounce) package cream cheese, softened to room temp
1/2 c
confectioners' sugar, or to taste
1 tsp
orange extract
square of melting chocolate
1/8 tsp
vegetable oil
tip: you can use any flavor of extract you want. you can divide the cream cheese and do half in orange and half in french vanilla too!

Directions Step-By-Step

Cut the tops off of the strawberries and stand upright on the cut side. Make 2 cuts 3/4 of the way down from the tip of the strawberry towards the bottom.
Beat together the cream cheese, sugar, and extract until smooth in a mixer or a food processor. Place into a piping bag with a star tip. Pipe into each strawberry.
Place the strawberries on wax paper.
Melt Chocolate in microwave, mix well. Add the oil to the chocolate to thin it out a bit. Mix it and put a fork in the bowl of chocolate and drizzle chocolate over the strawberries. You could also melt some white chocolate in a bowl and drizzle both chocolates over the strawberries.
Place on a serving platter and enjoy!

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Jul 21, 2011 - Kim Biegacki shared this recipe with discussion group: The Power of Orange
Debbie wright debbie110772
May 17, 2011
We had to bring a desert. I made a Holy Cow cake, it was easy and I already had everything but butterfingers!!
Leah Stacey CookingMaven
May 17, 2011
wife in law...hahahaha! Tell her tough you are already making them! lol If that doesn't work I'm sure you could find all kinds of yummy recipes on here! You could even bring the my cranberry orange cheese ball.
Colleen Sowa colleenlucky7
May 17, 2011
Make Jell-O Melos
Debbie wright debbie110772
May 16, 2011
Thanx Leah..My wife-in-law in making them for my step-daughters softball banquet.After seeing them on FB she took the recipe. Now I afta to come up with something else!!LOL