Pumpkin cream whip

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I am always looking to do something different with pumpkin. This is what we had for Thanksgiving dessert.
It is sweet but not overly sweet and has a mild pumpkin flavor and the gingersnaps go oh so well with this.

If you want more of a pumpkin flavor in the whip, add more of the pie mix, one teaspoon at a time, mixing in between each addition.

And that wonderful juice that you’ll have in the bottom of the container, after draining the pumpkin,don’t discard it. Freeze it and use it in any number of dishes, like soups, stews, sauces etc.
If you have any left this whip freezes very well.

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1- 16 ounce container heavy whipping cream
8 ounces of cream cheese “at room temperature”
1 - 3.4 ounce box instant cream cheese pudding
1 cup pumpkin pie mix { not solid pack } reserve the remaining mix
1 pound cake {either homemade or store bought}
crushed ginger snap cookies {maybe 10 or so }
3 tablespoons pumpkin pie spice
3 teaspoons turbinado sugar


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1Take 1 cup out of the pie mix, with the remaining mix put a coffee filter in a strainer and place that over a container. Put the pumpkin into the strainer and refrigerate for 24 hours.


3Whip the cream cheese till it is soft and creamy.

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4Add some of the heavy cream to the cream cheese “about ¼ “ and beat slowly, then slowly pour the rest of the cream in while the mixer is on low. Then turn the mixer up to high and beat. Once you see it starts to thicken a bit stop mixing. Scrape down the sides often.

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5Add the 1 cup of pumpkin pie mix and continue to beat starting on low and then back up to high. Scrape the sides.

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6Add the pudding and continue till it gets really thick.
Refrigerate till you are ready to use this.


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8In a dry hot pan put the cookies and pumpkin spice, as soon as you put the ginger snaps in the pan turn down the heat as low as it will go.

9Stir this often so as not to burn it.

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10When it’s all toasty let it cool slightly and add 3 teaspoons of Turbinado sugar, let it cool.


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12Put some of the thickened pumpkin on a paper plate.

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13In a second paper plate put some Turbinado sugar.

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14Dip the glass first into the pumpkin.

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15Then into the sugar.

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16Then put a dollop of the thickened pumpkin in the bottom of the rimmed glass.

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17Cut the pound cake into cubes and put them in the glass.

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18Pipe in the pumpkin whip.

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19Dust with the ginger snaps, by putting some of the ginger snaps into a small strainer and shaking it over the dessert. Do it just as you would dust with powdered sugar.

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