Cookie Recipes

Chocolate Drop Almond Cookies Recipe

Chocolate Drop Almond Cookies

By Mary Gelfond
My friend and I make holiday cookies every December. We have "played around" with this...

Chocolate Drops Recipe

Chocolate Drops

By Cassie *
These are a delicious cake like cookie, with a wonderful Mocha frosting, which I have used...

Chocolate Espresso Crinkles Recipe

Chocolate Espresso Crinkles

By Carol Matthias
Even my little boy loves these super chocolatey, rich cookies. They're the perfect addition...

Chocolate Espresso Whoopie Cookies Recipe

Chocolate Espresso Whoopie Cookies

By Darlene Buerger
Your kids will love these fun little cookies. Tasty chocolate cookies with a light espresso filling....

Chocolate Explosion Brownie Cookies Recipe

Chocolate Explosion Brownie Cookies

By Gina Jackson
These chewy cookies are to die for… A chocolate explosion! Very quick to throw together and...

Chocolate Fluffernutter Cookies Recipe

Chocolate Fluffernutter Cookies

By Gina Jackson
Chocolate cookies with peanut butter~milk chocolate chips and marshmallows! Gooey and creamy when warm and oh...

Chocolate Fudge Irish Cream Cookies Recipe

Chocolate Fudge Irish Cream Cookies

By Wendy Rusch
Found this on a site a few hrs ago and thought...mmmmmmmm...those sound good, so quick whipped...