Cookie Recipes

Soft Ginger Molasses Cookies Recipe

Soft Ginger Molasses Cookies

By Sherrill Salom
I love baking, I love the holidays, and i love making my house smell yummy. Several...

soft gingerbread cookies Recipe

soft gingerbread cookies

By Karina Alcala
This recipe reminds me of the Mexican gingerbread cookies we used to buy in Mexico. ...

Soft Gingersnaps Recipe

Soft Gingersnaps

By Cindy Seago
We had these at a family gathering , a member of my sister-in-laws family brought them...

Soft Iced Pineapple Cookies Recipe

Soft Iced Pineapple Cookies

By Maggie ^O^
I love chocolate. But sometimes you simply need something different. These cookies will surely fit the bill for...

Soft Molasses Coconut Oil Crinkle Cookies Recipe

Soft Molasses Coconut Oil Crinkle Cookies

By Chrystal Cackler
Obtained online.