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My husbands favorite chocolate chip cookies .

By gwendolyn maddox gwendo

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about 3 to 4 doz
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gwendolyn's Story

well i started making these about 5 years ago. i used alot of different types of chips. i find these to be the best. i give them out at work on valentines days.


2 1/4 c
unsifted flour
1 tsp
baking soda
1/2 tsp
1 c
butter crisco
2 Tbsp
3/4 c
brown sugar (packed)
3/4 c
2 tsp
vanilla extract
2 c
ghiradelli 60% cacao bitttersweet chocolate

Directions Step-By-Step

preheat over to 350. mix flour with baking soda and salt, put to the side. cream butter crisco, and water with both sugars on med. speed. and vanilla and eggs on at a time. mix on low until all is mixed well.
blend dry mix with creamed mix. stir in chocolate chips. drop by rounded tbsp. on an ungreased cookie sheet. only bake for 7 to 8 minutes. overbaking will cause cookies to get hard.immediately remove from oven and place on cooling rack. store in airtight tupperware. enjoy

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    Sandi Moorhead Beaner - Mar 15, 2011
    Man, oh man, oh man, do these sound luscious!!! I LOVE chocolate, and the more decadent the recipe, the better I like it! You know there are only three major food groups: Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate!!! Can't wait to give these a try (soon as I can get to the store to buy the ingrediants!!!) Thanks for posting!!
  • user
    gwendolyn maddox gwendo - Mar 15, 2011
    please let me know how they ruen out.
  • user
    Kellie S Luv2mixitup - Mar 15, 2011
    Gwendolyn .... those cookies look soo good ... I am saving this for my friends and family !! thanks for sharing
  • user
    gwendolyn maddox gwendo - Mar 15, 2011
    u r very welcome. enjoy
  • user
    Kellie S Luv2mixitup - Mar 15, 2011
    i am sure i will enjoy them ... been looking at your recipes have some good ones !!