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Serves: Yield 135 pcs. of pretzels


4 eggs
1 c milk
2 3/4 c water
1 1/4 c granulated sugar
2 1/4 c flour
1 box cornstarch (16 oz.)
oil for deep frying

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Jo Anne's notes for this recipe:
Here is the recipe for the Chinese Pretzels. It was requested by someone. Unfortunately the photo, not mine, is a bad one and I couldn't find any good ones online. These chinese pretzels are usually sold in Chinatown or at selected Chinese Restaurants. Another island favorite. I checked it as medium level because of the frying with hot oil.
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Heat oil in electric skillet to 350 degrees. Heat rosette iron in hot oil.
In a large bowl, beat eggs with whisk. Add milk, water and sugar, mix together. Add flour gradually, blend. Add cornstarch, mix until all ingredients are blended and free of lumps (pour batter through a large sieve into another large bowl.)
Dip hot iron into batter, covering 3/4 of the form. Return to hot oil and fry until rosette comes off the iron. Turn rosette over and fry till light golden brown.
Remove and drain on paper towel.
NOTE: Use 2 rosette irons so that one is heating up while the other is being used.

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user Jan Mullikin jmulliki - Nov 7, 2010
I've made rosettes for years. One good tip about removing them from the iron--after you take it out of the oil, hold it over a paper towel for a good 10 seconds, then take a wooden spoon and rap it sharply on the top of the iron once on each side and the rosette releases flat without breaking. Then sprinkle your powdered sugar on when they've completely cooled. I put mine in a shirt box lined with tissue paper and present them as gifts. You need to make them the day you want to give them, though. They will be stale after one day. Of course they're so good, they never last a day. My kids used to call them 'snowflakes'.
user Colleen Sowa colleenlucky7 - Nov 7, 2010
Thanks for finding this recipe for me Jo! Love it! I will have to try it...

Jan, thanks for the tips! Love, Colleen
user Jo Anne Sugimoto sugarnspicetedibears - Nov 7, 2010
Hey Colleen, you're welcome again! Let me know how it turns out, okay?!? XOXOXOX Jo
user Colleen Sowa colleenlucky7 - Nov 7, 2010
I will Jo!

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