Chocolate Recipes

Da Bombe Recipe

Da Bombe

By Linda Griffith
The French sure know how to make decadent desserts and this one is a favorite. ...

Ghostly Candies Recipe

ghostly candies

By Stormy Stewart
These little guys are to cute and yummy too. Great spooky treats for your next...

Grown Up Fireside Smore’s Recipe

Grown Up Fireside Smore’s

By Barbara Mayo
These are a great little dessert for appetizers party espically if you are doing wine...

Peanut Butter Balls Recipe

Peanut Butter Balls

By Miranda Gunlogson
This is a recipe, my Nana gave me...though I believe they are also called "Buckeyes". They...

Scooby Doo Snack Mix Recipe

Scooby Doo Snack Mix

By Katie MacDonald
My kids love Scooby Doo and this snack mix was fun to make-they added ingredients and...