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Lisa's notes for this recipe:
So simple. My sister-in-law had this mixed up at Christmas and we were so suprised at how it did taste just like the candy bar!
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pour jar of peanuts into bowl mix in the candy corn use less of this than you have peanuts.
After eating some of this by all lol, we just keep the rest in the peanut jar that way it is sealed and fresh.

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user Detoncia Wilkinson Detoncia - Jan 3, 2012
I remember eating this combination as a kid at birthday parties & on Sundays when I would attend a social tea gathering with my grandmother....WOW, what a good memory!!
user Susan Jackson MidnightBabe - Jan 26, 2012
Love these candy bars, can't we melt the candy corn in with the peanuts to make a candy bars?
user Lisa Wilson flairforlife - Jan 27, 2012
I have no idea how the candy corn would melt or how long it would take. But give it a try and let us know!
user Maryann Turley mactur1939 - Mar 12, 2012
Do you eat this by handfuls?
user Debbie Briody dkbriody - Mar 30, 2012
I normally don't like candy corn (way too sweet), but I can see how it would be good mixed with the salty nuts. Susan, if you try the melting idea, please post and let us know. That would be awesome if it works! I love PayDay candy bars. Thanks!!

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