TJ's Coconut Chocolate Cake

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By Jessica S jmsqueglia

15 Min
40 Min

This is now my "Trader Joe's" cake, because it's made with all treats I get at Trader Joe's. It's really the quality of the TJ's ingredients that make this cake delicious. The chocolate cake mix is moist, delicious, and free of "funky" chemical ingredients. I just discovered the health benefits of virgin coconut oil and how to use it in cooking/baking. Now, I can't get enough of it. Using coconut oil in place of oil/butter here adds a pleasant coconut flavor without being overpowering or fake tasting. Try it in all your recipes!

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1 box
trader joe's(baker josef's) chocolate cake mix (substitute: your favorite chocolate cake mix/recipe)
1 1/3 c
1/2 c
virgin coconut oil, warmed slightly to liquid state* (recommend: trader joe's organic)
3 large
1- 13oz jar(s)
trader joe's cocoa almond spread, 1/3 cup reserved for frosting (substitute: nutella)
optional: powdered sugar**
8 oz
cream cheese, softened, room temp
1/2 c
virgin coconut oil, room temp(soft white solid state)
1/3 c
trader joe's cocoa almond spread
1 tsp
4 c
powdered sugar
sweetened coconut flakes

Directions Step-By-Step

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease and flour 2- 9" round cake pans.
Mix together cake mix, water, coconut oil, eggs until thoroughly combined. Divide evenly into the 2 cake pans.
Bake for approx. 40 minutes or until tester comes out clean.*** Let cool.
For frosting: Beat together cream cheese, coconut oil, 1/3 c. cocoa almond spread, & vanilla until smooth. Slowly add in powdered sugar. Beat until fluffy.
Spread the remaining cocoa almond spread in jar onto first layer.
Lay second cake on top(top side down) and frost. Sprinkle coconut on top. Enjoy!
*The measurements for the water, oil, & eggs is according to the Trader Joe's instructions. If you use another brand cake mix, use the ingredients/measurements according to the box. Substitute coconut oil equally for the oil or butter called for on the box instructions.
**I like the spread plain, however, it is not that sweet. Taste it. If sweeter filling is desired, beat in some powdered sugar to the spread to your tastes.
***You may make this cake in a 9x13 pan or make cupcakes. Make sure to use baking instructions on the box mix you choose to use.
Note: Coconut oil is a solid(white) at room temp and cooler. At temps above 76 degrees it becomes a clear oil. Store on counter at room temp for a soft butter-like consistency. Storing in fridge makes it hard(wax-like consistency). It very quickly can be warmed to an oil(10-15 seconds in microwave or if kept by oven).

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Teresa Bryant 4N6girl
Jun 26, 2012
Is Trader Joe's a store or website? This cake looks awesome and I'm not even a chocolate cake fan! I'm really excited to try it.
Jessica S jmsqueglia
Jun 26, 2012
Hi. Trader Joe's is a small grocery chain. It has a lot of natural & organic things and stuff under their own label(good quality basics), but way cheaper than somewhere like Whole Foods. Personally, I don't do my regular "grocery" shopping there(but many people do), but it's where I go when I want inexpensive healthful foods and sinful treats! Their cocoa almond spread is their version of Nutella(made w/almonds instead of hazelnuts). It's heaven. Funny too, I can not stand chocolate cake and almost never eat it. This cake I just made for my dad's birthday. I'll admit I ate quite a few pieces! Hope you enjoy it!
Teresa Bryant 4N6girl
Jun 27, 2012
I'll have to look and see if we have any in WPB, FL. If not, hope they have a web site. I am really looking forward to making this cake and if I can make it healthier (haha) I would love that!
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