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I cater alot...mostly for fundraisers, pigroasts and parties. I have come up with a great way to make ANY cake moist. This is foolproof! Promise! Cake can be a boring dessert and I needed to find a way to turn it up a notch to serve to the public.


1 box
cake mix, any flavor, including carrot cake and red velvet cake
1 c
3 oz. package instant pudding dry
also you will need the eggs, oil and water mentioned on your cake mix box

Directions Step-By-Step

In large bowl, mix dry cake mix and dry pudding mix. Stir thoroughly. In another bowl, add wet ingredients of cake mix together with the buttermilk. Beat together with handmixer. Add to dry ingredients. Beat together 2 minutes. Bake in greased pan according to package directions of cake mix.
NOTE:Because the buttermilk is added moisture, it will require a couple minutes more to bake than the package directions call for...up to 5 minutes more to absorb the moisture. Just take a toothpick and poke in center of cake to test doneness. Wait till you taste it!
NOTE: Try matching pudding flavor with the cake. Like Butterscotch with spice cake. Chocolate with chocolate cake, Lemon pudding with lemon cake, etc. The best marriage is the carrot cake mix with that pumpkin pudding you can get only around Thanksgiving. Stock up on it then! Also, for the Red Velvet cake mix the white chocolate pudding is great. How about a cherry cake mix with the pistachio pudding?!? Hmmm...I might make THAT tonight! WARNING: THis works with brownie mixes, too. But, if you do this to an already tempting dessert, be prepared to just eat the whole pan yourself. They are the best ever brownies, bar none.
This cake is so moist that it's not necessary to frost it all the time. Try putting walnuts or pecans and raisins in the spice or carrot cake. If you do want to use icing a cream cheese icing is really nice with this recipe.

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Course/Dish: Cakes, Chocolate
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Maryann Tiscione MaryannTiscione
Jul 23, 2015
Not sure what happened. Cake rose beautifully ( took over an hour to cook in my buddy pan) and then while cooling it collapsed to about 2" tall.
gail raudenbush frammy
Jan 12, 2014
meant to say bundt pan!
gail raudenbush frammy
Jan 12, 2014
hi jane, I made your cake today but did something wrong. I baked it in a bundt cake and it did not rise all the way. only thing I can think is I used 2 small boxes of pudding. the recipe calls for 3 ounce box. my box of pudding said 1.5 ounces. do you think that's where my mistake was? thanks. gail
JANE LOUISE lovinspoonful
Nov 13, 2012
Shelly, If I were you, I'd make the cake mix just as the box suggests and how you usually make a boxed cake in your high altitude. Then, simply add the dry pudding mix and buttermilk to it. So, if you don't use extra oil or eggs normally, don't do it now. I don't know why anyone would add the extra egg and oil since this is very moist. Bake the cake longer than normal since it has more ingredients. Let us know how it turned out for you.
Shelly Olsen Shelly_Olsen
Nov 13, 2012
(I meant *hearing* others say)