Rich Triple Thick Chocolate Cake

Cynthia Martinez Recipe

By Cynthia Martinez Devinesalvage

15 Min
1 Hr 25 Min

I got this inspiration from a Pinterest board. Theirs just didn't sound right so, of course, I tweaked it and made it my own. This is a very intense, thick chocolate cake. I can see where if it were cooked in a spring form pan it might be better.

After all the confusion about the Butternut flavoring I went back through a lot of my old, old family recipes and found that what we had always referred to at Butternut flavoring was actually Vanilla Butter and Nut. I've just started posting a lot more recipes so I will make sure I have it properly listed and used like in a family reference.

Blue Ribbon Recipe

Notes from the Test Kitchen:
This recipe is guaranteed to cure your chocolate cravings! Rich and super satisfying, I'm going to come clean... I could eat the icing by the spoonful.


2 stick
3 c
1 c
plain yogurt
2 Tbsp
evaporated milk
3 c
all purpose flour
1 tsp
baking soda
1/2 tsp
1 1/2 c
cocoa powder
1 1/2 c
chocolate chips
1 c
3 c
powdered sugar
3/4 c
cocoa powder
4 Tbsp
evaporated milk
1 Tbsp
mccormicks butter & nut flavoring

Directions Step-By-Step

Preheat oven to 325
Cream together eggs, softened butter, sugar, evaporated milk and yogurt. Sift together flour, baking soda, cocoa and salt. Mix that into wet mixture. When all blended stir in choc chips. Pour into buttered bundt pan ( I can see where this would do well cooked in springform pan). Place in oven and cook for 80-85 min. Check towards the end to see when toothpick comes clean. Remove from oven and set aside to cool for at least 30 min.
Mix together all the icing ingredients. Ice cake and top with handful of choc chips if you wish.

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Cakes, Chocolate
Main Ingredient: Dairy
Regional Style: American
Hashtags: #rich, #thick, #chocolate, #cake

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Jan 27, 2015 - Bobby Webb shared this recipe with discussion group: "HOW'S YOUR WEATHER".
Cynthia Martinez Devinesalvage
Feb 25, 2013
I'm so glad you liked and it came out right. It is a very dense cake so you are just fine. I was trying to make something super chocolatey for my honey. He loves chocolate and this will definitely hit the spot if that is what you are looking for. Yes it is best served with coffee or milk. I made it in a bundt pan and it didn't overflow maybe yours was just smaller. Mine is 10" measuring to the outside top or 9 1/2" inside x 3 1/4" tall. I hope that helps.
Regina Lucky toomanycookbooks
Feb 25, 2013
Made this cake yesterday and I was quite pleased with it. Has a rich chocolate taste, you really get your chocolate fix, made a huge cake, a lot bigger then I thought, I used a bundt pan and it came over the top of the pan. The icing was delicious, could of eaten it with a spoon. The only thing I have a question about (and wondered if anyone else found this and maybe it's suppose to be like this,) is the cake is very dense. I followed the directions for the cake just as they were written, that is what makes me think this is just a very dense cake. Please let me know if anyone found this to be the case. You definitely needed a cup of coffee or glass a milk with this cake. Thank you for sharing your recipe,and congratulations of your blue ribbon.
Cynthia Martinez Devinesalvage
Feb 19, 2013
Dawn, I hope you truly enjoyed it. It is very chocolate but you have to remember that I came up with the recipe for a chocolate loving husband.

Nancy I have to agree that softened butter does mean room temperature. I'm glad you liked the icing.
Dawn Kaluzny DawnMK
Feb 16, 2013
This batter is incredible. You won't want to bake it, but rather, just eat the batter with a spoon. It's so rich and thick there's no "pouring" it into the pan. It must be scooped into the baking pan.

It's still in the oven. I'll let you know how it turns out! Thank you, Cynthia, for sharing this amazing recipe!