Peanut Butter Cake Balls

about 4 dozen
45 Min

What is great about this recipe is that you can use Yellow Cake instead of Chocolate Cake. This allows the Peanut Butter to really come through when using the yellow cake. I leave it up to the chocolate outside layer to bring in the chocolate flavor. But if you'd like, you can use chocolate cake.


1 box
moist deluxe yellow cake mix (you can use chocolate cake mix if you'd like)
8 oz
peanut butter, creamy
8 oz
peanut butter, crunchy
milk or semi sweet chocolate melted for coating cake balls
1 pkg
peanut butter chips melted for drizzling (optional)
roasted peanuts chopped finely for sprinkling (optional)

Directions Step-By-Step

Make cake according to package directions and cool cake.
Crumble cake with forks and mix in both peanut butter. Scoop 1" balls or use cookie scoop to form cake balls. Smooth out balls with your hands and place on parchment paper lined cookie sheets. Chill or freeze cake balls.
Melt chocolate and roll cake balls and throughly coat with chocolate and place back on cookie sheets with parchment paper. Sprinkle with chopped peanuts or drizzle with melted peanut butter chips or coating. Let set and serve. I've noticed that if you do this the night before the flavors mingle better.

About this Recipe

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Annamaria Settanni McDonald ArtByASM
Mar 14, 2012
So sorry they didn't work out for you Regina!
regina hunt genegene
Mar 13, 2012
Made these this afternoon! And, what a flop! It is hard as heck to get the balls coated and 1 bag of chocolate is not enough. I had a second bag but after these were a pain, it just put the remainder in a ziplock bag in the freezer. I will use either white chocolate bark or the chocolate for the remainder! Sorry, did not turn out as I hoped!
Annamaria Settanni McDonald ArtByASM
Mar 5, 2012
Ghiardelli is amazing chocolate. I love their white chocolate chips, yum! You can also use those chocolate discs, but I wouldn't buy the wilton kind, I use specialty chocolate discs from a supply company that is awesome. I always buy 2 packages of chocolate chips to use to coat if I use the morsels. Chocolate burns easily but depending on your microwave you have to keep an eye on it.
regina hunt genegene
Mar 5, 2012
what size bag of chocolate chips? can't wait to try them!
Marcelle Maggio starbucky
Mar 5, 2012
I used both crunchy and smooth. You may need more chocolate for coating. Also Ghiardelli milk chocolate morsels melt the best. Had bad luck with hershey chips. Do not over cook the chocolate. It gets hard and burns easily. 20 seconds on med. high in microwave, then stir .They are just yummy!!