Nikita's 2012 Birthday Cake mde by Donna Morales

Vanessa "Nikita" Milare


Today is my 30th. Birthday. Not many people here know it, but a few do. I went to chruch this morning & when I got home these pics where waiting for me on my FB home page. I have never meet donna Morales, but I know her from JAP & Sherri's food group. She doesnt really know me, we lives miles miles apart,but she cared enough to bake me this cake & make it my favorite color. I wasso touched that she would o out of her way to have a cakewaiting for me when I got home today. I had to sahre what she did even only online. Thank you Donna means a lot to me.

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person willing to bake
greatful birthday girl who loves it
day to share with family & friends near & far


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1Frist start & make a friend with each other over a few JAP chats & Sherri's group.

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2Next have someone miles miles miles miles & miles away willing to bake a cake you cant eat, but they bake it anyways.

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3Then read the post they sent you on your FB page with the pics.

4Then without crying send thank you's after thank yous for what she did just for you.

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