Easy Marshmallow Frosting

12 cupcakes
20 Min

When I don't want to do all the work of a typical marshmallow frosting, I use this frosting to make my smores cupcakes or anything I want to frost with a marshmallow frosting like a simple chocolate cake or cupcake. This is delicious and easy. A great one to make with kids!


1 c
butter, room temperature
1 c
powdered sugar
7 oz. jar of marshmallow fluff

Directions Step-By-Step

Mix butter until fluffy and then add the powdered sugar and fluff. Beat at high speed until light and fluffy. Put into a pastry bag and pipe onto the cupcakes.

About this Recipe

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Annamaria Settanni McDonald ArtByASM
Feb 12, 2013
You can order Marshmallow Fluff on Amazon as well if you have a hard time getting it in your areas.
Darlene Hawkins drhawkins
Jan 4, 2013
i am so sorry I wasted my butter and my marshmellow cream. I followed the directions and use marshmellow cream vs marshmellow frost (not available) the flavor was like eating a butter mess. I added more marshmellow cream and it is almost tolerable. i also ended up throwing away the entire mess.
Sandy Justiniano-Mangila inmysh0es
Dec 6, 2012
I finally found a jar of fluff.......from London! Im so happy now! Thanks wendy :)
Sandy Justiniano-Mangila inmysh0es
Dec 4, 2012
I've search places for a jar of fluff.
So i was craving for this so i opted to buy some marshmallows and melt them in the microwave and add some powdered sugar. But by the moment thwy start to cool down they go back to its solid form. I'm asking friends to buy me a jar of fluff somewhere else. Huhu! :(
Wendy Rusch snooksk9
Dec 2, 2012
Sandy, I use marshmallow cream located by the marshmallows in the stores, if your store don't have it...there are a couple recipes for it on here. :o)
Also, I added at least 3 cups of powdered sugar maybe even 4 to get the right spreading consistency...maybe thats the difference between fluff verses cream. But I use the cream in anything that calls for fluff, because I can't get fluff around here. It don't make a difference in any other recipe though.........hope that helps you.