Egg Conversion (I used liquid eggs in this Quiche)

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It was brought to my attention some don't use Liquid maybe this post will be helpful.

(photo of Quiche by: CinStraw)

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It has been brought to my attention that several don't use "liquid eggs" and would like to know how to convert to regular eggs.

Maybe this will help...
The net weight in ounces per dozen is the standard that is used to classify egg sizes.

* 1 dozen medium eggs = 21 ounces
* 1 dozen large eggs = 24 ounces
* 1 dozen extra large eggs = 27 ounces

Many recipes requiring eggs specify the use of large eggs, so if the eggs you have available are smaller or larger, it is beneficial to know the size equivalents. Use the following guidelines to achieve a quantity that should work well for most recipes.

* 5 medium eggs = 4 large eggs = 4 extra large eggs
* 6 medium eggs = 5 large eggs = 4 extra large eggs
* 7 medium eggs = 6 large eggs = 5 extra large eggs

For a more precise measure:
* 1 medium egg = 3 tablespoons
* 1 large egg = 3ΒΌ tablespoons

* 13 medium eggs yields exactly the same quantity (39 tablespoons) as 12 large eggs.

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