Sweet Bread Recipes

Oats Recipe


By Susan Feliciano

Oats can be eaten so many ways besides oatmeal! This category might also contain other natural...

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Sunday Lunch Yeast Rolls Recipe

Sunday Lunch Yeast Rolls

By Bill Wentz

Right out of the oven, brushed with my melted "Honey Butter"..in the words of my kids,...

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Drema's Moist Banana Bread Recipe

Drema's Moist Banana Bread

By Drema Bryant

Quick, easy and really moist for a fast retreat for ripening bananas! This bread is actually...

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Drema's Chew Bread Recipe

Drema's Chew Bread

By Drema Bryant

A sweet, very chewy bread-like dessert or snack. Got the original recipe from my Aunt Peggy....

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