Best darn Brownies: Lunchroom Ladies 50 year old recipe.

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1 c butter
1/2 c cocoa
2 c flour
2 c sugar
4 eggs
4 tsp vanilla
1 c chopped nuts
1/4 c softened butter
ΒΌ c can milk (regular milk is fine)
1/4 c cocoa
3 c powdered sugar
dash salt

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Cindi B. DomesticGoddess
Jun 29, 2014
Joanna Green, I'm assuming the canned milk is referring to evaporated milk. 50 years ago, homemakers frequently cooked and baked using evaporated milk.
christine gradisher beerwife
Mar 29, 2014
I did not melt the butter....I just added all the ingredients doesn't seem to matter the order that you add the ingredients. The directions are just mix and pour.
lorraine james lorraine1021
Feb 23, 2014
where are the directions for mixing these brownies, would you melt the butter or cream it with the sugar
christine gradisher beerwife
Jan 7, 2014
I used regular milk and it was fine....I like this recipe because it is not as sweet as the other ones I have tried...if you like it sweeter you can always add chocolate chips
Jan 6, 2014 - christine gradisher shared a photo of this recipe. View photo