Appetizer Recipes



Nancy J. Patrykus
By Nancy J. Patrykus

I have been baking these pocket hand pies since the late 40's. If you bake them ahead...

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Tabboleh Recipe


manhal rashdan
By manhal rashdan

A mid Eastern appetizer/ Salad that boost your vitamins and fibers intake .

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Baked Reuben Dip Recipe

Baked Reuben Dip

rochelle wetsch
By rochelle wetsch

I love a reuben sandwich, and created this recipe that combines all of its flavors into...

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Sucker Salmon Recipe

Sucker Salmon

Russ Myers
By Russ Myers

As a child I fished through the ice and caught many of these suckers. I can still...

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Crispy Baked Collard Chips Recipe

Crispy Baked Collard Chips

Tess Geer
By Tess Geer

When you get the craving for something crunchy and salty, try these collard chips! My son...

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Taco Dip in a Jar Recipe

Taco Dip in a Jar

Kimi Gaines
By Kimi Gaines

I found this recipe on the Betty Crocker web site. what a great idea for...

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Tangy Meatballs Recipe

Tangy Meatballs

Teressa Drenth
By Teressa Drenth

These have been a staple at all three of my children's graduation open houses and any...

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Asian Lettuce Wraps Recipe

Asian Lettuce Wraps

carla mackey
By carla mackey

I started the Ideal Protein protocol and needed to get creative with ways to eat 8...

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Guacamole Recipe


Lori Redifer
By Lori Redifer

I love Guacamole but I never found a store brand one that I liked. I started...

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