Appetizer Recipes

Roasted Red Pepper Cheese Spread Recipe

Roasted Red Pepper Cheese Spread

Robert Collins
By Robert Collins

This is a wonderful cheese spread that becomes the perfect little appetizer when paired with your...

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Salsa in a snap Recipe

Salsa in a snap

Jules W
By Jules W

My neighbor use to make this, it is so easy and quick. We called it salsa...

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Orange Push-Up Salad Recipe

Orange Push-Up Salad

Julia Ferguson
By Julia Ferguson

There is always room for Jello. This jello dish is creamy and refreshing, kind of tastes...

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Fried ravioli Recipe

Fried ravioli

sherry monfils
By sherry monfils

My brother made these for me once and I thought they were so awesome, so I...

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Manuel's Holiday Salsa Recipe

Manuel's Holiday Salsa

Susan Feliciano
By Susan Feliciano

My husband has been making this salsa for a few years, usually when he was working...

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Fanciful Fruit Pizza Recipe

Fanciful Fruit Pizza

Wayne Jeseritz
By Wayne Jeseritz

We had this luscious appetizer for last mothers day bruch at the house with the family....

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