By JANE LOUISE lovinspoonful

makes 4 14 x2 in. logs
10 Min
3 Hr

When I married into my husband's family I learned they had a 75 year old tradition each Thanksgiving. It was making Summer Sausage. Not the usual casing sausage, but made with HAMBURGER! We have made oodles of this in our 30 year marriage and now our 3 grown sons do, too. We'll probably be making this 75 years from now...somewhere in our family tree. Venison can be used as well and it's delicious! The ingredients will make several batches of this sausage. The Tender Quick lasts forever.


5 lb
ground hamburger (no lean burger)
5 Tbsp
liquid smoke (found near barbecue sauce)
5 Tbsp
morton salt tender quick (found in dark blue bag in spice aisle)
2 Tbsp
coarse ground pepper
2 Tbsp
mnced garlic
2 Tbsp
mustard seeds

Directions Step-By-Step

In a large bowl, mix all ingredients with your hands like making meatloaf. Cover and Refrigerate 24 hours. Take out and knead one more time then make 4 14x2 inch logs. Put them on a cookie sheet with 1-2 inch sides. Bake at 300 degrees for 3 hours. Take out and wrap in wax paper with aluminum foil around that. Refrigerate until well chilled. Serve by slicing and eating alone or with crackers and cheese.
NOTE: When rolling logs into shape, make sure you knead the meat and form a tight log so there's no cracks forming while baking.
IF USING VENISON: Venison is very lean. This recipe needs some fat in it so use 3 lbs venison and 2 lbs hamburger.

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Course/Dish: Meat Appetizers
Other Tag: Quick & Easy

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Debra Fjeld NDdebra
Jul 25, 2014
My recipe for this is almost the same, but I use whole peppercorns instead of the coarse pepper. I also roll in aluminum foil, overnight, and before baking, poke holes in bottom for drainage. Bake on rack or something to keep it higher off cookie sheet, so fat can drain out. Very good cold or hot!!!
chuck catchpole gizmo990
Dec 27, 2013
I used this recipe and did not use tender quick instead I used a regular meat cure. The sausage turned good but needed salt. So I guess if you don't use tender quick you need to add salt to the mixture, which I will do the next time.
Melanie B MelBelle
Dec 26, 2013
WOW! This looks wonderful!!
chuck catchpole gizmo990
Dec 20, 2013
Debbie, I have frozen sausage and have had it for 3 years and tastes just as good as when it was made. To freeze it, I wrap it in plastic wrap and then freezer paper. I wrap all meat for the freezer this way and it keeps for a long time. Hope this answers your question(s).
Debbie Eaton maggiesweetie
Oct 2, 2013
Does anyone know how long this will keep and if it can be frozen and how long it can be kept in the freezer?