Cheese Appetizer Recipes

Awesome Eggrolls Recipe

Awesome Eggrolls

Denise Regan
By Denise Regan

I wanted a meaty hearty eggroll with flavor and came up with this recipe. My family...

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Hola Fiesta Dip Recipe

Hola Fiesta Dip

Carol White
By Carol White

Appetizers, finger foods, starters, hors d'oeuvres; whatever name you give them, it's food that kicks off...

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Honey Mustard Vinaigrette Recipe

Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

David Brandon
By David Brandon

This stuff is good on almost anything!From salads to chicken tenders, to a great basting sauce...

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Lemon cheese if you please! Recipe

Lemon cheese if you please!

Irisa Raina 9
By Irisa Raina 9

If you use Greek yogurt you’ll still want to drain it as there is still liquid...

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Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Penny Malone
By Penny Malone

My cousin, Brandan Looney, made this for a Christmas get together. I fell immediately in...

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Cheese Puffs Recipe

Cheese Puffs

gaynel mohler
By gaynel mohler

Got this recipe from an old family circle "ABC's of Cooking, cookbook. Sounds so scrumptuous (...

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