Ring Tum Ditty

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By Marianne Trana mctrana

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This was a family recipe. My Mom made this on Sundays (day of rest) for dinner. LOL. It was my FAVORITE meal. Talk about comfort food! I was the youngest in my family of 7 so by the time I came around, I guess my siblings were sick of it, cause my brothers HATE it. LOL! Anyway, whenever my Mom would say what do you want for your birthday dinner, I'd say Ring Tum Ditty! She'd say, I'll make you a roast beef or whatever you want. Okay, well I want Ring Tum Ditty! LOLOLOL I hope you enjoy this meal. Its easy and yummy!

This is also a recipe that's good to have on hand if you need to stretch a meal. You can serve it cold as a spread on crackers as a starter if you'd like.

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1 large
veletta cheese brick
1 to 2 can(s)
tomato soup
1 small
onion (onional if you don't like onions)

Directions Step-By-Step

Chop the onion into pieces; smaller is better, but you may enjoy larger chunks of onion. Its all about you! lol
Cut the velvetta brick into small cubes for easy melting. Then, in a double boiler, melt the cheese. Stir constantly.
Add one can of undeluted tomato soup. Stir well, mixing to a lovely orangey-red color.
Add the onions to the cheese mixture and stir. You may want to add the onions a little bit at a time to taste.
Once everything is mixed together and creamy, pour over toast or saltines. Eat and enjoy!

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1 Comment

Barbara Pendley Barbee
Jun 1, 2011
This is an ole time standby... I remember my mother making this... Thanks for the memories... Barb