Teresa *G*


These are my super quick and easy "man-pleasing" appetizers. There are minimal ingredients involved, but they pack a big punch of flavor! I use a George Foreman grill, but you could also make them in a grill pan or a panini press.

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As many as needed
5 Min
5 Min
Sandwich Press


soft flour tortillas
1/3 c
extra-sharp cheddar cheese for each tortilla
1 Tbsp
real smoked bacon bits, heaping, for each
1 slice
smoked turkey lunchmeat for each
1/2 tsp
minced fresh chives (optional)


1Onto one half of each flour tortilla, sprinkle half of the 1/3 cup cheese and half of the bacon. (Note: In the photos, I was in a hurry and forgot and put it all over the tortilla. Oops! It certainly wasn't as easy to fold, so do as I say, NOT as I did in the photos, lol!)
2Lay one slice of turkey on top of the cheese and bacon.
3Sprinkle remainder of the cheese and bacon on turkey. Sprinkle with chives, if using.
4Fold the bare side of tortilla over the cheese side, pressing down to flatten.
5Repeat for as many tortillas as desired (I usually allow for one tortilla per person.)
6Preheat George Foreman grill, grill pan or panini press on medium-high.
7Place as many prepared tortillas on grill as space allows; lower lid and press slightly; grill for about 2 to 2 1/2 minutes, lift grill lid, carefully flip tortillas over, lower lid and grill an additional 1 to 1 1/2 minutes, until cheese begins to ooze slightly and tortillas are lightly browned and have nice grill marks (A word of warning: Keep a close eye on them, and do NOT go off and leave them unattended.)
8After removing from grill, cut each into 3 triangles.
9Repeat for additional tortillas.
10Plate as desired. Serve warm or at room temperature. Cover and refrigerate leftovers.