Jan W Recipe

By Jan W Neeniejan

full recipe = 25 single crusts
Prep Time:

I got this from a good friend who was a fantastic baker! It works for everyone, is easy and you can freeze extra dough. If you think you can't make piecrust, try this recipe!
I made a full batch on 11/21/11 and the yield was 25 balls of dough (one ball makes one single crust) and takes a really large bowl to mix (I use my 13 qt. stainless). You can cut this down into thirds, I've put those measurements in parenthesis.
This can be used for pies, tarts, meat pies, or just sprinkle a piece w/cinn sugar & roll up & cut in slices & bake for a snack! It can be used for 'fried pies' also.


5 (5 c) lb
all purpose flour
3 (1) lb
shortening (crisco, spry, etc)
3 (1)
3 (1) Tbsp
vinegar (distilled white or cider)
3 (1) c

Directions Step-By-Step

Place flour into large bowl (or deep roaster pan); use a large wooden spoon or spatula to get shortening out of can; work shortening into flour with your hands, until it is like coarse meal.
In a 1 cup measure, break one egg, then add 1 tblsp. vinegar, stir a little, then fill up with cold water to make cup measure. If making full recipe, do this THREE times. Add to the flour/shortening mixture. It will be sloppy wet but don't give up!
Using hands, mix until well combined, holds together and dough forms. For each crust, use a ball of dough the size of a baseball (9" crust). Place dough onto lightly floured surface and roll out.
If you are doing the full recipe and not using it all, make all dough into balls, wrap individually in plastic wrap and then put those into gallon-size freezer zip bag. I can get 6 balls in a bag. Will keep several months in freezer.
To use from frozen, just take out the desired number of balls and let set on counter for a while to soften. OR you can thaw in microwave, still wrapped in plastic, on LOW power for 30-45 seconds. Start at 30 sec, check it & add time as needed in 5 sec increments.

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Teresa Ratliff Teresa09
Jul 21, 2015
Hi, I have read, you use this recipe for Apple Dumpings as well, I would love a good recipe for Apple Dumpings, Thanks
Nov 24, 2014 - Sea Sun shared this recipe with discussion group: CHATTERBOX
Jan W Neeniejan
Jan 20, 2013
lol, Sea, glad the girls are still wanting to help!!
So many people are intimidated by making pie crusts, if they'd only give this one a try, they would never be afraid again!!
Yep, I always have it in the freezer, sometimes for sweet pies, sometimes for chicken potpies...sometimes I just take some out, roll it in a rectangle & spread a little butter, sugar & cinnamon on it, roll & bake...then munch!
It's nice to know it's there when the cravings hit!!
Sea Sun Seasun
Jan 20, 2013
Yes, one pound can. It's a little shocking at first, scooping out all of that shortening! LOL I would like to say that I make larger pies (including pot pies) often and I do like extra dough for decorations or for cinnamon strips made out of the extra dough. I make my dough balls quite a bit larger for this reason.

This truly is The Only recipe that I ever use! My daughters still insist on helping! LOL (Thanks Jan!)
Jan W Neeniejan
Jan 18, 2013
I just buy a one pound can of, too much messing to divide up a big can!! :)